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EzyLearn has established a simple and efficient process to provide Australian’s and in fact everyone in the world quick access to excellent quality courses and other training services.

Our Partner Program is designed reward committed partners who refer more business to us. Although we have excellent direct channels to market learning is something needed by every person whether they are looking for work, looking for advancement or a promotion or looking to start or grow a small business.

Here are the details about our Partner Programs:


EzyLearn Affiliate

As an affiliate you will be able to direct potentials students to our online training courses and if they enrol as a result you will receive a commission. Depending on the volume of business you bring this payment will be made monthly or quarterly with a minimum of $100 before a payment is made.

The cost for this service is $500 pa and you earn a commission of 20% of the total sale value.


EzyLearn Enrolment Vouchers

This option enables you to choose to promote specific courses and choose the features you’d like to include in that course. For example you could provide your own customers with a Microsoft Excel Online Training Course where they have 12 months access and a certificate. We provide it at a retail price of $297 and you can make a 50% markup.

You will need to make an initial order for enrolment vouchers. We will prepare these vouchers and provide them to you in a PDF format. You can sell these vouchers however you’d like to or give them away to high value clients (if you are an accountant for example).

Vouchers have a shelf life to YOU of 12 months from issue date. In other words, if you purchase them from us on 1st January 1970, they will be valid for students to enrol until 31st December 1970. Once a student enrols they will have 12 months access to their course from the date they enrol.

For purchasing the volume and prepaying you receive discount of up to 50% off the retail pricing.


EzyLearn Online Retailer

As an EzyLearn online retailer you we will create a website for you to use to promote our courses. You’ll be able to customise the courses and packages you offer and will receive the payment directly from the customer via an online enrolment form. There is an expectation that you will operate the business as a serious online business and need to have an annual wholesale minimum of $10,000.

You’ll even be able to use the website to promote other services or products that you want to sell online. The reward to operate your own online training business is a 50% discount off the retail price.


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You can start straight away and benefit from the massive shift from traditional class based training to online.


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