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The role of a bookkeeper can be very interesting and varied now that bank feeds, standard reporting and single touch payroll simply the mundane daily tasks typically performed by bookkeepers.

“New software, online tools and apps are launched every month and the Academic Development Program is aimed at creating a forum where training course content is created, reviewed and discussed and main outtakes are confirmed via knowledge assessment tests.”

Our academic team and contributors are bookkeepers, accountants and BAS agents and the online services included in the program involve all aspects of a business, including

  • marketing,
  • sales,
  • support,
  • admin,
  • finances,
  • reporting,
  • CRM,
  • productivity,
  • time management,
  • scheduling and so on

“As a member of the Bookkeepers Academic Development Program, you receive access to these workbooks, videos, knowledge review tests and exercise files and you can have direct input into the content of future revisions of these courses — we may even profile your business, meaning a great deal of exposure and credibility building for you.”

— Steve Slisar (Program Director)

Membership Goals

  • Members receive new course content quickly

Membership to the program will aid you and your business as we explore every aspect of business where technology is, and can be used, to better your business.

  • Student collaboration and review

When new course content becomes part of the program, it’s usually because we’ve created an outline for the course and filled it with educational content and examples. Often it flows beautifully, but sometimes there are still more requirements for small business we haven’t explored. We’d love to hear your stories and have a way of collaborating.

  • 15 CPD Points per annum

If you are a BAS agent or Accountant and need a minimum amount of educational content per year this program is designed to give you 15 hours worth of educational content and assessment per annum.

Current Program Courses

These are some of the courses currently in development:


Who are our members?

The Bookkeepers Academic Development Program is suited to bookkeepers, accountants, virtual assistants, contractors and social media marketing people who use software programs to do work for their clients. Many situations arise in everyday work that need solving and these often require you to use the software in ways that you’ve never used before — or find alternative programs. I’d like to explore these challenges and solve them with you.

Currently Discounted!

Membership in the program normally costs $199/pa. However, by joining now you get access to future program content at no cost.

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