John runs a business called Trim Doctor in the Central Coast and uses Square as his payment system. He’s on the road a lot and collects ceilings from cars where the trim is starting to fall away and repairs them.

It’s a business he has been running for many years and he is skilled in this profession, with all the tools to do a great job quickly.

John goes to your home/office and detaches the ceiling from your car then takes it back to his workshop at Gosford, where he gets to work on the repairs.

You get a call mid afternoon when he is ready and he comes and fits it back into your car – making it look brand new!

Virtual Assistants need clients like John

As a micro business John is doing all the deliveries, repairs and sourcing products himself. He’s the customer service and sales person as well as the delivery driver.

Micro businesses like John are not experts when it comes to office software, accounting software and other online tools.


John operates a business very similar to a Virtual Assistant so he understands how flexible they are and values the fact that they are available for only the time that they’re needed.

The Ultimate Virtual Assistant course gives you the skills and practical experience to run your own Virtual Assistant business from home. It now also comes with an Internship where you get to work with our team to learn more skills and find your own clients.