The Ultimate Xero Bookkeeping Certificate Online Training Course Package

Enrol into a Professional Xero online training course with Advanced Certificate?

THEN LOOK NO FURTHER! Whether you already possess some knowledge of Xero and want to brush up or learn more, or whether you’re a newbie to this highly popular accounting program, you can choose from our suite of Xero online training courses to find the package inclusions and price point to best suit you.

1. Xero Set Up & Configuration Training Course

Our Xero Set Up Course will equip you with the knowledge to become a bookkeeper; understanding the most important aspects of bookkeeping, as well as understanding the financial and accounting aspects of what small business owners need to manage, including:

  • Charts of Accounts
  • Tax Codes
  • Cash vs Accrual Accounting Methods
  • Debits-Credits-Income-Expenses
  • An introduction to Credit Control. 

Following this, you’ll learn how to use the software in the actual management of a business, including:

  • Introduction to navigating the Xero Accounting Software
  • How to access and use the Free Software Trial
  • Setting up the organisational settings
  • Financial settings
  • Invoice settings and users
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Account balances
  • Default invoice settings and email settings
  • The dashboard watchlist and how to add a new contact
  • Adding multiple bank/credit card accounts
  • Adding PayPal accounts to receive credit card payments
  • How to manage bank accounts from the Dashboard. 

2. Xero Accounts Receivable/Payable & Data Entry Training Course

Quote, Invoices, Order, Purchases, Payments & Daily Transactions Training-Courses-Trade-Creditors-Xero, QuickBooks & MYOB

In the Xero Daily Transactions Training Course you’ll discover the different dashboards for various parts of the Xero software. You will learn your way around the main screen dashboard, as well as your Sales and Purchases Dashboards.


  • how to send or issue invoices to one customer or many customers at the one time, to save a repeating invoice and much much more…
  • how to work with credit notes: these could not be simpler when using Xero; you won’t get confused with them and they take seconds to generate, just like a sales invoice
  • how to manage accounts payable from the purchase dashboard. Schedule payments, create bulk payments and ABA files, send suppliers a remittance, as well as process employee expense claims.

The Xero Daily Transactions Course also includes training on:

  • Entering Sales Invoices and Receiving Customer Payments
  • Entering Supplier Invoices and Entering Supplier Payments 
  • Transferring Money Between Accounts
  • Adding New Contacts 
  • Edit existing Contacts and Coping with Duplicate Contacts
  • Navigating the Sales Dashboard
  • Entering Credit Note and Allocating them to Invoices
  • Emailing or Printing Invoices
  • Entering a New Purchase Order
  • Sending a Purchase Order
  • Deleting Invoices
  • Voiding Invoices, Voiding Invoices when payments are applied
  • Internal Bank Transfers
  • Handling Overpayments
  • Processing Contra Deals
  • Creating a Quote in Xero
  • introduction to Reports
  • Balance Sheet (Assets and Liabilities)
  • Profit and Loss (Income and Expenses)
  • Reporting for Fixed Assets. 

Industry Connect

Get the best value from your Certificate in Xero, Advanced Certificate in Xero or Xero PRO training course package with Industry Connect. Speak with bookkeeping industries from National Bookkeeping to understand how to use the features of Xero as well as more specific details about the workload and other challenges that bookkeepers face in the real world.

Industry Connect for Advanced Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping Course graduates can apply to join our Tutoring program to get experience in helping other students learn how to use MYOB (and Xero) as a Course Tutor.

3. Xero Journal Entries & Bank Reconciliation Training Course

We explore a bank statement and enter data for that period as well as the direct debit transactions that aren’t entered as part of the Daily Transactions. We take a look at ad hoc payments for director wages, as well as a capital purchase of a vehicle and depreciation of that vehicle, plus alternatives like leasing or a secondhand car purchase under $20,000. You’ll perform a bank reconciliation that doesn’t balance, and then go through the entries to sort out the issues and mis-typing that happens in most businesses.


  • Entering and coding direct debits
  • Interest payments and charges
  • Coding capital purchases
  • Understanding depreciation 
  • International credit card payments and charges
  • Basic Payroll entries for micro businesses
  • Loans to and from the company
  • Experience a bank rec which doesn’t balance
  • Rectify entries to complete the bank reconciliation process.

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Ultimate MYOB and Xero Bookkeeping Certificate MasterClass Training Course Package

MasterClass Training Course Packages for Xero and MYOB

Enrol into a training program with skills and feature support, tutoring, job “search and find” tools from the Career Academy and a complete training library and support on Xero AND MYOB.

Join thousands of other students who have benefited from training in how to use these software programs as well as support to find a job, find tutoring and “gig economy” tasks and even start a bookkeeping business.

See MYOB & Xero Ultimate Online Training MasterClass

4. Xero GST, Reporting & BAS Training Course

Learn about the transactions that can make GST and BAS reporting tricky; including purchases which are GST-free, those which have partial GST, or international payments. Also learn about transactions with varying GST percentages and how you can use a spreadsheet to calculate your PAYG & Super obligations and then just code them into your Xero software.

The following topics are included in this course:

  • GST treatment for capital purchases (a vehicle)
  • How different costs of running a vehicle are treated
  • When FBT applies to expenses like entertainment
  • Introduction to Payroll & how wages are treated in the BAS
  • Financial settings with regard to the GST registration (Cash vs Accrual and quarterly vs monthly)
  • Run a BAS report, which is combined with our specially-designed “Ad Hoc Payroll” Excel spreadsheet case study calculations in order to work out the final liability
  • See the financial results of the business owners ‘change of strategy’ and focus
  • See what these results look like at the end of the quarter, as well as month-by-month comparisons of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports
  • How the business owner can use the information in the reports to change the direction of the business
  • Configure software to obtain even better reports at the end of the next quarterly reporting period.

5. Xero Payroll Training Course

The videos below will aid and assist you to correctly set up your payroll users and settings so that you can start adding employees and processing pay runs. We show you how to set up your linked accounts, take you for a look at the individual pay and line items, and how to add a new (or various) payroll calendars.

This Xero course includes:

  • Setting our user permissions
  • Linked Account Set Up
  • Payslips Set Up
  • Pay Items Set Up 
  • Calendar, Payroll Settings and Superannuation Set Up
  • Employee Details
  • Tax Declarations
  • Leave
  • Bank Accounts, Pay Templates.

6. Xero Cashflow, Budgets, Forecasts & Strategy Training Course

This Xero course features an ongoing case study, involving real-life scenarios to make learning fun and relevant. In this case study, you’ll join the journey of a business owner, perhaps just like you, experiencing a major change in the services they are providing.

In terms of using the software, you will learn to:

  • Import the bank transactions
  • Manage the many and varied transactions
  • Purchase a commercial building
  • Account for a commercial building loan
  • Explore the typical ‘overspending’ that some entrepreneurs experience and how to deal with this
  • Understand how asset purchases affect cashflow
  • Learn about the financing, operational and investment aspects of a cashflow statement
  • Learn alternative strategies regarding asset purchases credit-risk management
  • Create Credit Management reports, Aged Receivables & how to get money into the bank account quicker
  • Use accounting software to improve marketing and operational management by budgeting and understanding Return On Investment (ROI).

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