How CRM integrations will save you time and help you get more clients for your Xero bookkeeping business.

In our previous article we compared different CRM systems and looked at which features are important for keeping track of your leads, conversions and clients. The most important of these features include integration with existing business systems such as phones, email and forms capture software.

Today we’re going to look at how CRM integrations can make a big—and speedy—impact on the success of your bookkeeping business.

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If you’re going to spend time and money implementing a CRM system for your business then you will want to choose the features that will give you the best return on your investment. Integrations are features that allow you to seamlessly exchange data between different systems within your business.

For example, a CRM that is fully integrated with your phone system will allow you to make one-click calls from within the client record, rather than having to exit and open a different software program (or dial manually from a phone).

In the short term your business will perform more efficiently. In the longer term you will have greater client satisfaction, a solid reputation in the marketplace, improved client retention and a corresponding growth in revenue.

Improved Workflow

In our search for the perfect CRM for our business we focused on integrations that would provide the greatest gains in efficiency and accuracy. Our research showed us that choosing a CRM that is compatible with our existing infrastructure would help us to make significant improvements in three key areas of our operations and service delivery:

1. Communications
2. Customer service
3. Data entry for lead generation

1. Communications

Client communications usually occur via one of the following channels:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • SMS
  • In person

Not only are we communicating with customers and prospects, there are also countless other routine interactions with staff, suppliers and other service providers occurring on a daily basis.

Without a CRM it’s difficult to keep track of all of these interactions, especially when there are different team members involved at various stages of the sales and service delivery process. 

A CRM that is integrated with your phone and email systems will:

  • Save you time by removing the need to cut and paste information from one app to another. 
  • Improve accuracy and transparency.
  • Create up-to-date log entries for each customer interaction and avoid double-handling.
  • Assist with dispute resolution.
  • Facilitate observation for training and coaching purposes.

2. Customer Service

The most valuable benefit achieved by improving efficiencies in business communications is the positive impact on service delivery and customer satisfaction. 

By having your CRM integrated with your communications infrastructure you will be able to:

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  • Have universal access to all client interactions in one central database, ensuring continuity of information across all team members and departments.
  • Improve accuracy and reduce margins for error.
  • Beat your competitors by responding faster to sales leads.
  • Allocate sales leads or tasks to other team members as soon as they are received.
  • Set reminders for follow up. Place calls, send emails or SMS messages directly from within the CRM.
  • Log customer complaints, escalate to other team members and record progress updates.
  • Attach relevant files to client records (.jpg, .doc, .pdf) enabling easy access for future reference.
  • Record client preferences to help personalise their experience with your business.

Overall, your improved performance means that you will present a more professional image to your clients and prospects. They will learn that they can rely on you to meet deadlines and fulfil your promises, eventually leading to more 5-star Google reviews and client referrals.

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3. Data Entry for Lead Generation

Online businesses frequently use website forms software such as Gravity or Wufoo to capture client enquiry information and sales leads.

A CRM that is integrated with your website forms software will automatically capture information from selected fields and update your client records.

This means:

  • Greater Accuracy
  • Improved speed
  • Reduced Data Entry
  • No missed leads

Removing the need to cut and paste email addresses and phone numbers from contact forms into our database is a game changer in our view.


Taking into account the cost, speed of implementation and the anticipated long-term and short-term gains, we decided that these three reasons—improved communications, responsive customer service and a tighter data entry functionality—justify the installation of a fully integrated CRM.

We’re confident that it will deliver the efficiencies needed for new client acquisition, a higher rate of client retention and the stability your bookkeeping business needs to grow.

Keeping Track of Leads, Conversions and Clients—Which CRM Features Are Important?

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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system allows you to grow your business by storing all of your client and prospect information in one central location, making it easy to communicate and track every interaction you have with them. A good CRM will save you time, reduce your stress and present a professional image of your business.

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