Helping you work for yourself

We can help give you the online skills training, confidence and support you need to re-enter the workforce or find a more preferable position on your own terms.

We can also help you start a career as an independent contractor with Australia’s leading cloud accounting software, Xero.

Be your own boss

MORE AND MORE, people from all over Australia are balancing work and home life by leveraging the power offered by the internet to run a successful business remotely.

WORKFACE can help provide you with the confidence AND skills training you need to re-enter the workforce, or find a more preferable position, on your own terms, using the leading cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping software, Xero.


Who do we help?

People returning to the workforce (such as parents); people seeking work experience and internships in finance and administration; and people of all ages and backgrounds with a diverse range of skills and experience, and who are prepared to promote and keep up-skilling themselves, are successfully working as contractors, virtual assistants and small business owners.

These individuals work as bookkeepers and accountants, business and administration managers, writers and marketing consultants, social media consultants, and employment and rehabilitation services officers.

They go by many names, including:

  • Teleworker
  • Remote contractor
  • Remote worker
  • Independent contractor
  • Virtual Assistant

— and they are everywhere!

People who work at home or run a business from home are part of a new breed of smart, savvy and disciplined workers who understand the win-win of using technology — and staying out of traffic.

We have provided hundreds of people with services to help them find a career path that best suits them — and we can do the same for you.


How do we help?

WORKFACE is the brainchild of an independent team of contractors and self-employed business people who work from our own offices (some in their own homes) providing bookkeeping and accounting consulting, and digital and social media marketing services.

To this end, we can provide the following services:


1. Relevant online training courses

The WORKFACE website provides online training courses bookkeeping and cloud accounting; digital and social media marketing. We can cost-competitively train you up in the XERO ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE PROGRAM.

Xero training course online


2. Career support and business mentors

learn xero online training course guide videoslearn xero online training course guide videosHow do you know what you don’t know? Going into business or contracting for yourself can be one tough gig as people don’t know what they don’t know. Here’s where a dedicated mentor is invaluable.

A mentor is someone in business who has been through much of what you’re going through already and gone on to build up successful, flourishing businesses. Receive personal support from someone who is experienced and who understands what you’re going through. This person can provide you with focus and a clear direction to complete your training and work for yourself.

If you are keen to improve your Xero skills, you can choose the package that offers the level of support you need. Want to know more details? Call us on 1300 886 456 or email us on [email protected]


3. Work-from-home contracting and business opportunities

finding a job

We collaborate with a number of different businesses and our contractors and virtual assistants find work all the time. You can register your interest in our Business Opportunities.

Home-based virtual assistant contracting and business opportunities

Learn more about working for yourself


4. High quality contractors available for your business

Our Talent Pool and TeleWork Service is designed to match the skills and experience of our members with your requirements.

This ranges from contractors willing to work for very reasonable rates, to more advanced members who charge higher rates because of their experience and knowledge.

Many of our members are parents who are looking for flexible work opportunities, so you’ll be able to tap into a capable workforce who are willing to work towards your goals.


Find someone to work for you now

5. Internships to lead to bookkeeping jobs

If you have bookkeeping qualifications but lack practical experience, our internship program will train, guide and allocate you a project manager to help you reach placement goals. There’s also the opportunity to forge a working relationship which may result in an accounting job or contracting opportunity that suits your skills and lifestyle.


Learn more about internships


6. Study loans: To help start and grow your own business

Taking out a study loan to start a small business course makes financial sense. A study loan will see that you acquire the skills you need to manage the various aspects of your business while still enabling you to manage your business cashflow.

Learn more about Study Loans for Small Business Courses



Resume Writing

A CV or resume is the first step to presenting yourself to potential employers. See our tips to ensure your resume is doing you justice.

Resume Tips

Using Linkedin

LinkedIn is the business-world’s foremost digital platform for sharing information about your professional knowledge, know-how and experience. Learn how to use Linkedin so that employers reach out and contact you.

Learn about LinkedIn