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Find Work as a Bookkeeper

Our CAREER ACADEMY PROGRAM contains information, resources and exercises to help you discover your passions, values and transferable skills and match them will job opportunities in the financial, administration and accounting industry.

Best of all, work through the program with support of a mentor/career coach.

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Stay on track with a Career Mentor who is available to help you work through the stages of the Career Success Program.

Our mentors are people who have decided that they want to find work for themselves, on their own terms, and have gone on to create successful businesses, or to work successfully as well-paid contractors so they’ve done the work and want to help you.

They know it can be difficult to know where to start, and that you don’t know what you don’t know — they’ve done the hard yards already and are there to give you a helping hand. One that isn’t just theoretical, either, but practical and genuinely helpful.

Who is this Program for?

start a small business with mentor

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, for whatever reasons, your confidence can be at a low ebb.

LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB is not something people do very often. It’s particularly difficult if you’ve been out of the workforce for several years while you care for growing children say, or elderly or sick relatives. Our Career Academy Program provides a thorough guide that will help you gain clarity, confidence and find employment again — either in the workforce, working for someone else, or for yourself.

What’s featured in the Career Academy Program?

Xero & Small Business Career Academy

Paul will help you with guidance and support to achieve your career goals.

Topics featured in our program include:

  1. Understanding what YOU are looking for in this job — and better understanding yourself
  2. Understanding the future opportunities of selected industries
  3. How to search for jobs
  4. Creating a high quality resume
  5. Preparing personalised cover letters and emails for job applications
  6. Researching the business before make phone contact
  7. How to conduct yourself in a telephone interview
  8. How to present yourself at a face-to-face meeting for the job
  9. Tips from employers about what they are looking for
  10. Negotiating your package
  11. Starting your new job.


Find Work as a Bookkeeper

WANT TO WORK FROM HOME — or close to home? We work closely with many businesses who are looking for bookkeepers and people with accounting experience and qualifications.

If you want to join our talent pool, please fill in your details in the Bookkeeping Talent Pool form.


Start a Bookkeeping Business

The Career Pathway from employee to independent bookkeeping business owner involves a change in how you manage your time and the work that you do. Employees are often directed or given a lot of the same type of task whereas independent bookkeepers need to do a wide variety of different things, manage their time well and provide their clients with evidence of the work they’ve done. To run your own bookkeeping business is to become a trusted adviser to your clients.


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