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Work is going online and job seekers and employers are adapting

Your job and work are necessary financially to ensure you can pay for your cost of living plus enjoy your life outside of work and when you have time off. In our Workface interviews we learn more about the circumstances of our students, including how they have had to upskill and improve their digital skills to perform their work.

Technology is changing our working lives

Technology is a massive change in all our lives and everyone is affected by it in varying degrees. The degree to which we are affected is influenced by the work we do but any work that involves office administration, bookkeeping or marketing is affected massively.

Software systemises work and reduces training

One of the biggest benefits of technology to business owners is that most technology helps them systemise regular tasks so staff don’t have to think too much about it but just perform the data entry – that’s particularly the case with quotes, invoices, accounts receivable etc.

For marketing and sales it means using cloud-based phone systems, website chat, email and sms to communicate with clients.

The surprising result about this online technology is that any staff member can login from anywhere to perform the tasks. Small businesses can now hire a Virtual Assistant to perform most of their work.

What is your experience?

We’re interested in learning about your journey and what has changed for you in relation to new opportunities and possibilities that are now available to you.

Here are some of the topics we’d like to learn about.

  • How have digital skills and software replaced tasks that you use to perform manually?
  • Has technology meant that you are better organised and can find information and files easier and quicker?
  • Has technology helped to systemise any tasks that you found challenging and helped to take the emotion out of it? A great example is chasing clients for money owed – you can now just mention that the system sent them a prompt to make contact
  • What are some of your current work challenges? Does it relate to managing conflict, organising your time better, learning new skills?
  • Is Customer Service important in the work you do? How? Does it relate to communicating with clients, work colleagues or suppliers?
  • Do you act differently at work and with your work colleagues compared to how you behave in your personal life? What are some of the biggest differences and why are they important for work?
  • Do you have a second or third job, side-hustle, or work in the gig economy? What do you do?
  • How did you online training course help? Are you faster, more productive, more confident?

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From childcare to bookkeeping

Xero Rescue Bookkeeping Agnest (1)

Agnest is changing careers from childcare to bookkeeping and she is working with our marketing team to promote her services, speak with prospective clients and then perform bookkeeping work and training for them.

Watch our Interview with Agnest