Start an Online Business as a Virtual Assistant

This training course and business opportunity combines a structured training program, with planning, support and marketing to ensure you successfully start your own micro business as a virtual assistant.

Primarily focused around providing customer service and office admin services this package includes vendor funding to approved students and an earnings guarantee to pre-approved applicants.

Read on for details about how to Pre Qualify for Vendor Financing and an Earnings Guarantee.

Topics included in the Virtual Assistant Business Training Course Package

Your Working Objectives

Originate and Develop Concepts

In this subject you’ll go through how to setup and define your own skillset and personal attributes that make you stand out from other potential candidates or contractors.

Start or buy an online business as a virtual assistant providing Customer Service, Bookkeeping and Administration services - the Career Academy from 123 Group Pty Ltd

This subject is not focused around how to compete with other people but more so on how you can differentiate yourself and define what you like doing and are good at and understanding how that is appealing to potential employers or clients.

Understand the Market and Opportunity

Business Planning and Pricing

When you combine your ideas and concepts from subject 1 into a spreadsheet that clearly demonstrates and justifies the potential revenue and profit from a business it will give YOU belief that you can do it. This Subject includes:

  • Ideas for packaging products and services
  • Justifiable retail pricing
  • revenue that increases as you grow your business
  • grouping of revenue, cost of goods, marketing and operational costs
  • key financial performance indicators and percentages
  • the basis for regular reporting to test and measure

Important Legal Topics

There are many topics which can be included in the legal aspects of both your own micro business as well as the legal aspects of the business you work for as an employee or contractor. These include:

Work remotely from home providing-bookkeeping, customer service, customer support and virtual assistant service - the Career Academy from 123 Group Pty Ltd
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Terms of Trade
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Returns and Warranties
  • Privacy Policy

Know the Products and Services

When you take on a new client or new job you need to get to know the companies products and services.

Your digital marketing message to attract potential customers for bookkeeping and virtual assistant business - the Career Academy from 123 Group Pty Ltd

Market research is essential to business success. You must know what is happening in the overall market as well as in the business you’re working with so that you can provide the best customer service to bring in new, “ideal” clients.

You must identify:

  • your industry or industries.
  • Who are the competitors?
  • How does it work?
  • What changes have happened recently?
  • What trends are impacting on your possible product or service?
  • Why should I buy from you?

Think of market research as the first step of the marketing process for your business. Without it, you may have a short spurt of success but don’t plan on being around too long.

Be Aware of the Special Offers

Advertising and Lead Generation (CTO)


Businesses use advertising and special offers to attract ideal customers and present them with products and services in a combination, discounted price or both to encourage them to buy now.

Only a small number of website visitors are ready and willing to buy now and it is usually after doing a good amount of research about what they need and who can help them.

Learn about:

  • Advertising Copy
  • Call-to-Action for small business owners
  • Filtering and qualifying questions
  • Typical new client engagement examples
  • How to manage inquiries
  • Support systems and how to use them
  • SMS, website chat, email and phone

Digital Business Online Tools (MA)

Use-Content-Marketing-to-get-your-website-and-business-discovered-online-Customer-Service-and-digital-business-tools the Career Academy from 123 Group Pty Ltd

Understand the dozens of digital services that enable you to operate an support any business online, remotely from home.

This course is focused on how to use your website as well as your client’s website as a marketing and sales tool and understanding things you can do yourself as well as how to escalate inquiries to higher levels of support when required.

  • Website chat systems
  • Email and lead capture
  • Tools to communicate with customers

Identify Customer Needs

  • Identify types of customers and their expectations and needs through consultation and negotiation
  • Regularly identify and monitor customer needs through formal and informal communication channels to identify required services
  • Assess current products and services against customer needs to determine the ability of the enterprise to meet them

Respond to Customer Needs

  • Respond to customer requests in a timely and efficient manner
  • Promote workplace services and products to the customer in a manner that assists the development of a positive and professional relationship
  • Address customer dissatisfaction promptly according to workplace procedures

Evaluate Service Provided

  • Evaluate service provided to the customer and take appropriate action to resolve any issues or complaints
  • Seek feedback from customers on the product or service provided
  • Document customer feedback according to workplace procedures

Industry Connect – Work Experience Opportunities

LOGO-the Bookkeeping Career Academy -Industry-Connection-accounts-tutors-internships-placements-work-experience-jobs-for-Xero-MYOB-QuickBooks-Short-Courses-Logo

To ensure that you get practical experience you will have the opportunity to provide live online support at multiple websites and get mentoring and live support in handling various different customer scenarios.

You will need to competently demonstrated that you can provide effective customer service by:

  • promote products and services in a clear and direct manner
  • identify customer needs and expectations
  • resolve customer concerns and complaints by taking appropriate action, including:
  • handling customer needs in a courteous, discreet and sensitive manner
  • addressing customer complaints and escalating where necessary
  • apply workplace procedures relating to customer feedback, including:
  • customer service and continuous improvement processes
  • workplace customer service practices

Local Awareness Marketing

When you start your Virtual Assistant Business with our brand licensing and training program you also get access to our group wide marketing, including Campaign design and Advertising budget.

You’ll be able to use your market research, customer service and selling skills to tailor your products and services to the people interested in becoming your clients and then manage the sales and marketing pipeline until they either become your client or choose to go elsewhere.

ULTIMATE Training Course Package Included

Start or buy an online business and work remotely from home - customer service, sales, bookkeeping courses

As a Workface Virtual Assistant you receive access to a MASSIVE range of software training courses and support, including these topics:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting tasks using MYOB and Xero
  • Microsoft Office Suite of programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
  • Digital Marketing training courses from WordPress, Google, Facebook, Mailchimp and more

This INCLUDE training AND professional support to set up your own domain name and WordPress website.

Earnings Guarantee

Earnings-Guarantee-approved-students-starting-a-bookkeeping-business and for short courses in how to use Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks Online

This training and internship course includes access to the central support team, your own completion coach and an earnings guarantee. You must be in a good position to start soon or work part-time, have good computer skills and be a good communicator.

If you have these attributes and a positive attitude focused around understanding customers needs and finding solutions we will offer you an earnings guarantee.

Pre qualify with us to get course fees and confirmation of an earnings guarantee.

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Start or Buy an Online Business Promoting Online Courses

As a training course creator we have a proven system where you can buy an online business providing pre sales customer service and support as well as the ability to promote your own professional services.

Training courses are digital products so they are quicker and easier to deliver to customers and can be support online from anywhere.

Watch our Introduction Video and make contact if you are interested in learning more.

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