Independent Contractor

start a business working from homeMany people looking for a change in their career follow the Career Academy Success Program to renew and invigorate their work lives as an employee.

Remote Working Employees

If your employment situation is uncertain or has recently changed you may find it valuable to build your own brand for the skills you have and the services you can offer with your own micro business. 

The work you do as a remote working employee is often the same as you can do as an independent contractor, working close to home or working from home, but the difference is that as an independent contractor you’re running your own business.

Remote Working Contractor

When you run your own business there is an expectation that you’re good at managing your time, keep track of the time you work and what you do and invoicing your employer rather than just wait to be paid. As an independent contractor you’re defined as a micro business and it’s a smart thing to do if you want to have better control over your earning potential and financial situation. 

You can just jump into your own micro business and make some mistakes as you go along or you can follow some structure and nail the basics so you can confidently go out and present yourself to several different employers (clients) and start getting a name for yourself and what you do. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Set your business up
  2. Get some basic marketing organised
  3. Get clients
  4. Do your work
  5. Invoice, and
  6. Get paid

Start a Micro Business

Start a micro business working remotely from home in accounting, freelance writing, social media marketing, virtual assistant - Career Academy Training Short Courses $25 per weekThe StartUp Academy Micro business Training course will get you started as an independent contractor will give you the knowledge, insights and tools you need to:

  • package and price your services,
  • learn to promote yourself and stand out from competitors,
  • keep track of the work you do, and finally
  • keep track of their financials.

This Business Startup Training Course Package includes templates and exercises to define your new micro business as you progress through the course. Best of all it is available on a $25 per week payment plan.

Digital Marketing and Promoting Your Micro Business

Digital-Marketing-Affiliate-Sales-Training-Course-for-online-accounting-courses-spoted-working-from-homeOnce you’ve set your business up and have even a basic business plan you can go out and promote your business and the services you offer. This stage of building a business is the sales and marketing stage and if you’re promoting work you do from your own home you’ll need to do some digital marketing to get discovered. 

They use to say that “when you build it they will come” but that is not entirely correct.

You need to get exposure and get discovered and to do that costs money, usually in the form of advertising. There are many ways to get discovered and once someone finds you, your task is to get people to take action and contact you – this is called a CALL-TO-ACTION!

Once they make contact with you they need to understand what you offer and your terms and conditions and then order your services.

We offer a collaborative marketing solution that will help you in your digital marketing to get discovered without spending TOO much money. 

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