We are currently offering $500 scholarships towards training courses to help students learn how to work remotely performing office administration and bookkeeping tasks using Microsoft Office, Xero Accounting and MYOB Accounting software.

If you are interested in Applying for a scholarship take the following steps.

  1. Enter your details in our Scholarships and Funding Form (link below)
  2. After submitting your details you’ll receive an automatic confirmation email
  3. Read and reply to the email to let us know you’re real AND keen
  4. Record a selfie video about the work you have performed over the last 5 years (or longer, depending on your age) and about the skills you are keen to learn so that you can become more employable or productive and able to work online

These videos don’t need to be professional, just a self video using your smartphone and emailed to us.

See some examples from our testimonials page.

Make sure that you let us know if you are:

  1. Looking for work
  2. Starting your own new business
  3. Trying to grow your business
  4. Currently working and want to be more valuable

Start by submitting your details.