Best working from home jobs

What Kind Of Work Can I Do From Home?

Here are some of the best working from home jobs:

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Data Entry Jobs
  3. Freelance Content Writer
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. Online Tutor
  6. Graphic Designer
  7. Software Designer
  8. Bookkeeper
  9. Customer Service Assistant
  10. Online Sales Representative
  11. Real Estate Agent
  12. Market Researcher
  13. Business & Website Analyst

Working From Home Jobs for jobseekers

Work from home jobs and online or internet jobs were made possible with fast broadband internet access. It provides workers and job seekers with an exciting opportunity to avoid traffic jams, petrol and car expenses and parking issues.

Imagine getting up in the morning, making a coffee, drinking your coffee while writing some simple planning notes in your journal for the days tasks and firing up your computer, all without leaving your home!

Flexible work, whether full-time or casual jobs, are available in virtually every industry, you just need to know where to look.

Most working from home positions are in the capital cities, including Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney where most of the businesses are based but more online jobs are becoming available for those living in regional areas because they can be done online from anywhere.

Benefit to businesses with work remotely from home

More Australians earn money from home regularly compared to just ten years ago because of innovations in technology and the internet so not only is there a benefit for workers but employers are now able to find the best person for the job rather than the best person willing to travel up to 20 km to come to an office.

If you want to be able to earn money working remotely from home you’ll need to have the right skills and home office environment. If you do you can have a better work-life balance, save precious hours every week with no need to drive or take public transport and find the best jobs that let you to work from home in Australia.

How to Make Money Working From Home

One of the most important distinctions to make when exploring remote working opportunities is whether you’re applying for a job as a PAYG employee or whether you actually operate your own micro business.

In this list we consider the most popular remote working opportunities whether they are as an employee or independent contractor. We don’t include “business opportunities” where you can BASE yourself at home but need to travel to a place of business to perform the work.

For example, delivery drivers, Uber drivers, beauty therapists and dog groomers are examples of BUSINESSES which can be run from home but still require the use of a car and the need to travel to your clients – hence we don’t include them as remote working jobs.

1 Virtual Assistant & Office Administration

Remote Office Assistant Job Description

Virtual assistants perform clerical work and administration duties. Developments in technology enables most administration tasks to be performed out of the office, allowing this position to be perfect for anyone with a good home office set up.

Tasks can include phone calls, scheduling meetings, customer service, outbound telesales and even some of the tasks described in the following remote working jobs.

Learn more about becoming a virtual assistant.

2 Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Job Description

Data entry involves manually inputting information to a database, spreadsheet or accounting program. While a lot can be done automatically these days, there are many projects that still require manual work.

Data entry operators working from home need to collect and enter data, maintain records and ensure the data is accurate.

Learn more about data entry jobs

3 Freelance Content Marketing & Blog Writer

Content Writer Job Description

Content writers are tasked with writing content for website landing pages, social media profiles, blog posts, email newsletter and automated marketing sales funnels across a wide variety of topics.

These content marketing tasks can include writing reviews, product descriptions and blog posts. Many content writers work as freelancer and as long as they get the work done they can largely choose their own hours. Content writers are given briefs by the Digital Marketing Manager and a word count they need to reach. The work can involve research, interviews and the ability to share information using interesting stories.

Learn about content writer jobs

4 Social Media & Digital Engagement Manager

Social Media Manager Job Description

Managing a businesses social media accounts is growing in importance as customers increasingly seeking out products and services via social media.

As tech savvy millennials become parents, start families, buy homes and have more responsibilities in their jobs the demand for social media managers who can deliver information and engagement for business is growing. This part-time work-from-home opportunity is great if you already possess digital skills.

You don’t need to be a digital wizard because employers are looking for people who know how to write captivating content for their Facebook and Instagram posts. They’re looking for someone who can relate with their customers and encourage engagement.

Like most internet based work these jobs are ideal for remote workers, virtual assistants and independent contractors.

Learn about work at home jobs for social media coordinators

5 Online Training Tutor

Online Tutor Job Description

Online tutors use their academic achievements or experience to coach business professionals. The first step is to have a learning plan for your student and understand the challenges they might face as they learn.

Customer service skills come in very handy as an online tutor as you may have to deal with difficult students or demanding clients and manage their frustration as they come across challenges you can help them navigate their way through.

Learn about online tutor jobs

6 Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Job Description

You can work from South Melbourne and love designing flyers and brochures, from Liverpool NSW and specialise in logos and infographics or from Brisbane and have experience creating complex annual reports. Either way you can work as a graphic designer as an employee or independent contractor.

Graphic designers looking for career progression can find work in agencies, work for large businesses who have an internal design team or start their own graphic design business working for lots of small business clients.

Learn about graphic design jobs from home

7 Software Analyst & Developer

Software Developer Job Description

Testing software can be done remotely from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. Whether you’re in regional New South Wales or in a cafe in North Sydney or Melbourne you just need a good internet connection to work as a corporate consultant for a software or Internet based company by testing their systems.

You need a solid understanding of fundamental of software analysis and development to help you understand the potential fixes for their software.

As a software analyst you’re not limited to working for Australian employers or need experience in a specific sector. You could work on a healthcare application for an aged care provider in Melbourne one day and troubleshoot an electricians website and social media site’s back-end system in Sydney the next.

Learn about software developer jobs working from home

8 Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper Job Description

Working from home as an accounting consultant or bookkeeper to small businesses is an example of online jobs that are available on a part-time work-from-home basis.

Sometimes this involves simple data entry job but as your knowledge and experience grows you can be responsible for tracking key business metrics like cash flow, tracking inventory, invoicing, purchases and credit management.

Learn about working from home as a bookkeeper

9 Customer Service Assistant

Customer Service Job Description

Customer service assistants are responsible for servicing customers by providing guidance and answering their questions.

Many customer service jobs utilise website chat, email or phone and they’re a great job for stay at home parents or those looking to make money at home because they can be performed from anywhere.

Learn about working from home doing Customer Service jobs

10 Online Sales Representative

Sales Representative Job Description

Sales representatives sell products or services to potential customers so they to know a lot about the business and what it offers as well how these compare to the products and services of competitors.

Sales representatives need strong communication abilities and need to be able to answer questions accurately. Professional sales representatives spend time understanding customers needs so they can be persuasive in how they recommend their employers products over the phone, via email and often via SMS and website chat.

Learn about sales representative jobs working from home

11 Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Job Description

Real estate agents sell properties (or businesses) to potential customers so they need to know a lot about the property market in the area where they are selling and they must be very good with their time management and people skills.

Sales representatives need strong communication skills and need to be able to answer questions accurately while not getting into answering questions where they don’t have expertise such as what kind of developments you can do with a particular block of land or dwelling. Real estate agents usually operate as independent businesses but also work under the umbrella of a real estate office or brand like Ray White, McGrath, LJ Hooker etc.

Learn about real estate agent jobs working from home

12 Mystery Shopper, Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Market Research and Mystery Shopper Job Description

This type of work has been around since marketing began because every business needs to maintain high standards in customer service as well as remain competitive in the products and services they offer and prices.

This type of work can include contacting competitors and finding out their current offers and pricing as well as participating in a purchase from the business you work for to report back on your experience.

Learn about Market Research Jobs and Tasks

13 Website Analyst & UX Testing

Website and Business Analyst & User Experience (UX) Testing Job Description

Websites are now a critical part of every business from the moment a customer learns about a product or service they are interested in to the sale and even after the sale for product support and customer service.

This job can be to get a scope of what is needed by a business, then go out and find a software program or plugin that can perform the task needed. It goes on to include educating the staff of the company that uses it so that they in turn can provide first level support for the customers of the business.

Benefits of Working at Home

Here are the easy reason:

  • Sleep in a little longer
  • No waiting in traffic
  • Save on the cost of petrol & parking

To work from home you need to be setup with a distraction-free place to work and the right tools. If you have a good space to work here are some of the other reasons to find work from home.

Online Training Courses for Traditional Productivity Skills

Since computers became relevant in an office environment the major software companies have focused on providing software to help them manage many of the office administration tasks that they perform everyday, the leader in this field is Microsoft with their Office 365 Suite of programs.

Since accounting software entered the cloud the leaders in small business accounting software are Xero Accounting and QuickBooks Online, while MYOB is clawing back market share with their MYOB Essentials cloud accounting program. At the same time the large Enterprise Resource Planning software companies are entering the small business accounting marketing and the most notable of these is Sage from the UK.

The most recent suite of programs that have emerged online only are the advertising, website, digital marketing and social media services. These include companies who help you create and maintain a website, promote it online via advertisements and then build a system to help people engage with business using social media.

Technical Skills for Working Remotely at Home

Even though most of the jobs on this page can be performed from home you need to have good computer software skills and be able to manage your time well. Time management, being able to work with a team as well as individually achieve your goals are all important skills for every job but online work, where you are working remotely from home requires extra discipline due to the many distractions.

Learn about Soft skills and accredited training courses.

When you specialist in online customer service, sales and website design you need to understand some newer programs to complete your work. These programs systemise the job tasks and enable many people to work together as part of a team. There’s NEVER been a time when good typing skills is mandatory!

Some of the fundamental skills to work from home are:

  • File sharing with Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive
  • Video conferencing with Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or similar

Learn about the Technical and Software skills you need to work from home

Get Training, Support and Connections

Structured training courses, student support and industry connections are the systems that make the Career Academy a valuable resource for students. The Career Academy JobSeeker Training Program is the first step for most students as it helps them discover their passions and working requirements and establish a clear path to find the most ideal jobs, apply for and get them.

Soft skills and industry connections round out the services available to students who want to do more than just a training course. If you want to get more detailed information or speak with a course consultant reach out and make contact with us by telling us your initial needs.

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