Video Presenter

Everyone can be a newsreader for their website, local area, blog or any reason. Being a presenter on video is just another way to get information to website visitors and it’s considered to be more engaging for most people.


If you have the confidence to speak in front of a camera you’ll find that you can do it for the many people who don’t feel comfortable doing that work.

Before Youtube and our modern smart phones, most business owners thought they had to pay thousands of dollars to have a video on their website.

If you use a professional video production company you will spend a lot of money but many people like the authentic and natural effect of having someone speaking into their camera. What you will need to do is write compelling scripts that relate well to video.

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Video Presenter & Interviewer Job Description

If you’re confident in front of a camera and love speaking with people, as well as having skills in video editing, then you could be perfect for our video interviewer and editor role.

As a video interviewer and editor, you are responsible for conducting video interviews with a variety of subjects, from course graduates to tutors and business owners.  This would involve you moving between questions about your interviewee’s work life and career, as well as gathering testimony of their experience with our business and staff.  You will then take this recorded video interview and edit it into a shorter video ready to be published on our website.

In this role, your tasks would involve:

  • Liaising with prospective interviewees to schedule the interview and prepare them.
  • Conducting and recording the interview over an online platform (Zoom, Skype, etc.)
  • Editing down the full interview into a short video (between 5-20 minutes) that can be published on our website.

Due to the editing required in this role, proficiency in an editing software is required.  There is no preference as to which, and you may choose to use any software so long as you can import your interview recording, cut clips, add music and text, and export to a high quality MP4 file.  This software could include more advanced programs such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro, but Apple iMovie or Filmora would also be suitable.  Confidence in using an online platform such as Zoom would also be beneficial. 

The ideal candidate for this role would also be comfortable in front of the camera, and confident in asking questions and guiding an interviewee.  They would be able to use pre-written questions to structure the interview, but also respond to the interviewee, building a rapport, and asking follow-up questions when necessary.  

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