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We have have established a simple and efficient process that enables everyone in the world to have quick access to excellent quality courses and training services.

Learning Journeys

Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Excel Courses, Microsoft Office Courses, Digital Marketing Training Courses online

Students enrol into our training courses because they want to be guided about how to use software one step at a time. Courses are designed to teach common tasks performed in the workplace starting with the basic tasks performed by junior level office admin staff.

After mastering the basics, using practical exercises, students build on those skills to learn Intermediate to advanced skills.

Several teaching aids are used, including Video tutorials, training manuals, exercise files, tests and assignments and depending on the past experience of the student they need help along the way.

Support HQ and the Tutor

Work at home remotely as an online tutor for online training courses - Career Academy

Student support for online courses is provided centrally using different technologies to suit students requirements and although this is ideal for some students others prefer the personal contact of speaking with their own tutor.

Tutors need to know the course materials well and they also need to understand how that course material relates to the work that students will end up performing in the real world.

Industry Connect is a service designed to ensure the best transfer of new knowledge into improvements in the workplace by encouraging or highlight ways the work can be systemised and improved if needed.

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As a tutor your role is to help students on the learning journey and understand where they need help and how best to help them.

Tutors have the ability to use technology to work remotely from home and earn supplemental income by becoming an online training course affiliate and provide course recommendations and perform consulting work if required.

Online Training Course Affiliate


Our Affiliate Programs are designed to reward committed partners who refer students to us while also giving you the ability to support students as an online tutor.

Learning these skills is important for every person looking for work, looking for advancement or a promotion or looking to start or grow a small business.

As an affiliate you will be able to direct potential students to our online training courses and if they enrol as a result you will receive a commission. Depending on the number of students you bring this payment will be made monthly or quarterly with a minimum of $100 before a payment is made. Learn more about affiliate marketing

Start your own Online Business

Start a micro business working remotely from home in accounting, freelance writing, social media marketing, virtual assistant - Career Academy Training Short Courses $25 per week

There is a low cost to join and you can earn a commission of the total sale value. A popular reason to become an online tutor is that you operate your own business and are in more control of your financial destiny.

Micro business owners can deduct the cost of their car, Internet, electricity, stationary, courses and other expenses from their income to minimise the amount of income tax they pay at the end of the financial year.

Learn more about Online Businesses

Online Training Course Retailer

The next logical step for an online tutor is to become an online training retailer because it generates more goodwill and enables you to be in more control of your own business.

As an online training course retailer you’ll have a website created for you. This website is then used to attract potential students to enrol into courses and training packages. You’ll be able to customise the courses and packages you offer and can receive payments directly from the customer via online course enrolments.

You’ll even be able to use the website to promote other services or products that you want to sell online too. The reward to operate your own online training business is the knowledge that you are the sole beneficiary of all sales at that website.

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