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If you perform bookkeeping tasks using MYOB, Xero or QuickBooks you can start an online business. Microsoft Office is now available as part of Microsoft 365 and all office support and administration tasks can now be performed online.

If you are a writer or like to organise events and schedule meetings, these tasks can all now be performed online.

Fast Internet and cloud based software

Fast Internet speeds and the NBN made starting an online business (and working remotely from home) possible as early as 2013 but the Covid-19 Pandemic has made it almost mandatory. This is great because you can live anywhere with a good internet connection and perform your work.

Many established businesses still like to see their staff in the office because that is what they are used to seeing but newer companies and those willing to take on new technology are happy to have their staff work from home.

Collaboration, sharing and contributing

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The biggest technological changes that we noticed in 2020 was how the major software companies began offering collaboration suites, including:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Facebook Workplace
  • Google Workspace

Some of these suites are simply a collection of services that have been available for some time already, but now they are available within the one ecosystem.

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Customer service, communications and sales support

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These online business services have gone through the biggest changes and are some of the most important skills to have if you want to start an online business.

Traditional employers have feared allowing their staff to work from home because they don’t know how to manage the work they do and measure the outcomes but all of this is now possible with online services for comms, customer service and sales.

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A successful online business

Start or buy an online business and work remotely from home - customer service, sales, bookkeeping courses

If you are planning on starting an online business from scratch or even buying an online business you’ll need to be confident using the online communication tools for sales and customer service.

These tools include chat, SMS, VoIP phone and support ticketing software and the best part for employers is how easy it is to check and make sure that staff are actually working.

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that enables staff to change the contents of the website. This keeps a website fresh and up-to-date but also enables your marketing department and sales team to continuously improve the website so it helps bring in new prospect and convert them to customers.

Knowing what to say and when

One of the hardest things to learn is what to say to prospects, customers and suppliers and when to say it.

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This can be challenging for confident, outgoing staff but some students who start an online business as an bookkeeper find it incredibly difficult to know what to say and that is where good market research comes in handy.

After you’ve done your market research and decided on your call to action and promotional offers it is easier to guide potential customers using a well designed website.

This can often occur using an online chat program or by speaking with customers over the phone – with a well designed website you can simply repeat the contents of the website using your own words and your own experiences.

If you really struggle with what to say you can always hire someone who starts an online business to help with customer service and sales.

Buying an online business


Buying an online business gives you established systems and training and support.

Depending on how much you can afford you can also buy an established online business that is already earning a regular income. That can help significantly if you have ongoing cashflow requirements.