Customer Service Representative

Customer Service representatives need to understand what a business sells and how those products and services are supported. They’ll be communicating with

  • prospects who may never have heard of the business,
  • returning customers who want to make another purchase, and
  • customers who have made a purchase and need help
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One of the most important initial tasks for a customer service representative is to learn about the business.

Some employees for larger corporate or government departments do this as part of their onboarding when they become an employee while proactive job seekers will do the research before they even write their cover letter or customise their resume.

Performing market research tasks will always give you an advantage over other job seekers because you’ll be able to have a conversation with the interviewer and be able to write a compelling cover letter.

Customer Service Tasks

In our customer service training and support we focus on tasks performed by by remote workers using modern customer service software tools. The rise of importance of computers and the internet in customer service jobs doesn’t need any explaining but the tools used do take some getting used to, particularly if you have worked in a customer service role in a retail store or other industry where most of the work is done face to face.

Online customer service tasks including:

  • knowing where to find the products and services on the website
  • knowing the current special offers and what customers need to do to take advantage of them
  • understand how to access extra information if requested by a customer
  • collecting prospect information to make sure you can followup with them
  • how to ask the right kind of questions to find out the customers needs
  • where to document information about prospects so that other team members can help those people when you’re not there
  • what to say in followup conversations, based on the customers needs and the business current offers
  • how to make a new customer feel welcome and know how to get the support they need
  • what to say if you need to discuss financial and payment information
  • how and where to escalate a query if the customer is not happy or needs help that you can’t provide

Software for Customer Service Jobs

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Software used by customer service representatives, includes:

  • email
  • Customer relationship management software (customer databases)
  • telephone (often this is a softphone on a virtual hosted pbx system)
  • customer service ticketing system software
  • website chat
  • SMS support software

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Persistence and reputation


Persistence is a very important factor to succeed and often that persistence helps you improvise, brainstorm and come up with new and innovative ways of both writing and doing your own marketing to find new clients .

You may get knocked back initially but as you keep trying you’ll get noticed and eventually have enough clients to build a reputation as a good quality customer service agent.

Building contacts and maintaining good relationships is important in any profession and when you’re a contract customer service agent you are responsible for finding your own work so it’s even more important.

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It’s free to join the Remote working talent pool and by doing so and uploading your resume we’ll advise you about

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Start Your Own Business as a Virtual Assistant Providing Customer Service

Learn all the tasks required to provide customer service tasks from home. You’ll learn how to use several different digital business software programs to help website visitors define what they need and which of the products/service are most suitable for them.

Earnings-Guarantee-approved-students-starting-a-bookkeeping-business and for short courses in how to use Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks Online

You’ll learn about the right questions to ask and base your recommendations on the customers needs, budget and readiness to buy.

This virtual assistant business comes with Internship placement so you can put what you have learnt into practice in a real life situation, with full support from a support administrator.

Approved Students who successfully complete all training course assessments, assignments and practical tasks will be offered an earnings guarantee.

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It’s important to understand some of the other jobs that can be performed at home because you can

  • find contractors who can perform the work for you,
  • find alternatives that you might enjoy more
  • help other people in their quest to have better work/life balance

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we’ll give you Customer Service Jobs that you’ll be paid for.

Our team will also help you become a better Online Customer Service Agent with the help of your own Customer Service Manager.

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