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work from home business opportunitiesWork From Home Contracting and Business Opportunities

We liaise and work together with a number of different businesses and there are currently a variety of opportunities available for virtual assistants. These opportunities can enable you to work from home most of the time and earn money in an area of work that you are interested in. Best of all, each of these opportunities enables you to work with an established business and receive product support training as well as becoming part of a community of contractors.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed here, please be sure to follow the link to learn more and register your interest.



Online & Onsite Training

Online training coursesBookkeeping software, Office Administration software and digital and social media marketing are three very important aspects of every business. The software for these aspects of business is continuously changing and improving and it’s hard for some companies to keep up and stay on track. Individuals also want to learn these skills to be more employable and with the support of a proven education training program that has been developed over 20 years you’ll be able to add your own level of support and experience to earn money helping local people and businesses.

EzyLearn is a course creator of training workbooks, exercise files, educational training videos and knowledge assessments and with a low cost online delivery and support system you’ll be able to support online only students via the phone from anywhere in the world or deliver a richer face-to-face, one-to-one or even group training environment.

Learn more about becoming an EzyLearn Online Training Partner..


Social Media Consultant

Content Marketing, Inbound marketing, SEO and Internet MarketingFacebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat are on everyone’s lips because you can connect with real people who share common interests and share stories. It’s all classed as social media and its proving very popular with businesses who want to promote their services because it also provides very good “prospect profiling”. A real estate agent for example can use social media marketing to target people who live in their local suburb. Companies selling baby products can target females, between a certain age range who have 2 children etc etc.

To earn money in social media you can work as a social media consultant helping business connect with their community and stay front of mind. Most businesses want to get exposure to social media communities but it’s important that you enter the social media conversation from a community perspective and not just pushing your products. Real estate agents for example share information about property prices, trends, council developments, great places to go to, visit and eat etc.

If you like talking to people, sharing stories and helping them find what they are looking for then a social media consultant is something you can become. Learn more about how to become a social media consultant..



Become a Virtual Administration Person

Virtual Assistant, teleworker, independent contractor working from homeMany small or fast growing companies are looking for good people who can take care of the day to day work involved in operating a small business. This can include creating quotes, answering calls, providing support, chasing up invoices, making calls, creating presentations, writing detailed proposals, setting appointments and more. These are core administration services that can be handled by a virtual assistant.

That’s what we specialise in. Making sure our team have professional standard skills (and the willingness to continually improve those skills), good experience and a commitment to top quality customer service. If this sounds like you then learn more about joining Workface.

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Xero, MYOB & QuickBooks Online Bookkeeper and Training

National Bookkeeping Services and business opportunityBookkeeping is a task that every business needs to do to ensure that their finances are up-to-date and in order. We are looking for people who want to operate their own business as a consultant to either help students learn how to use MYOB, or assist businesses needing help with their accounts using MYOB or Xero. You may end up helping teach a small business owner or worker how to use MYOB or you may end up doing the bookkeeping work for them as it’s needed.

Requirements: This company needs people who are proficient at using MYOB software.

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Content Writer & Content Marketing

Quality-Content-Marketing-for real estate agentsblog, content and digital marketingRequirements: We are looking for people with good writing skills who want to find fulfilling work from home helping write articles, interviews, white papers, case studies and other written content for small businesses around the country.

You would need to understand how to use WordPress, how to search for and find images that match the written content and how to insert links into text. Learn more..



Become a Real Estate Agent

Selling Your Property Logo 3 - croppedRequirements: You need to go through the registration requirements in your state and then do some serious networking and marketing to find vendors who are ready to sell their homes.

Good property knowledge, customer service and managing your time are essential and when you need help promoting yourself online use our digital agency. Learn more about becoming a real estate agent..


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