Start a bookkeeping business

Why start a bookkeeping business?

Start a bookkeeping businessThere are several reasons why a bookkeeping business makes a lot of sense for someone who wants to start their own business:

  1. Every business must keep bookkeeping records for the ATO
  2. Most small business owners don’t want to keep their own books, instead focussing on getting new sales and growing their own business
  3. It is work that you can complete after hours or in flexible working hours
  4. It is work you can do as a virtual assistant

Starting your own Bookkeeping Business

Although there are opportunities to buy a franchised bookkeeping business, there are compelling reasons to go out on your own and start one up from scratch. A bookkeeping business is based mainly around your knowledge of accounting and accounting software programs. Your success will also depend on how well you get on with people and how efficient and cost effective you are, particularly if you are a virtual assistant.

If you are a people person and a hard worker you might find that you can pick up your first customers by word of mouth marketing with your friends. If you are interested in meeting other Sydney Bookkeepers visit our meetup page and explore the possibilities.

Steps to starting your bookkeeping business

Here’s a quick guide to help you on your journey in starting your own bookkeeping business:

  • Choose a business name and domain name and REGISTER them
  • Choose a business structure (sole trader, company etc) and REGISTER it
  • Set yourself up with the ATO for ABN and GST
  • Open up a bank account and Paypal account
  • Decide what you want to offer and how much you want to charge
  • Create a website to promote your services and rates
  • Create business cards so you can network and get new clients
  • Setup your own bookkeeping software so you can start invoicing
  • Join a professional industry organisation to provide credibility
  • Register with ATO as a BAS agent (if you do want to lodge BAS’s for clients)
  • Ensure you keep up to date with software and bookkeeping regulations
  • Build your business
  • Pay your bills on time, save some money and enjoy yourself too!

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If you are an accountant or have the Cert IV in Bookkeeping qualifications (needed if you want to be a BAS agent) and want to start your own business the Small Business StartUp and Admin Course takes you through most aspects of running your own business from start up legals and business structure, to pricing and packaging, understand the market and how to approach your own marketing and reporting to keep track of your progress. The end result is a business plan.

Many of our students are degree qualified in accounting and have worked corporate jobs most of their life and want a career change so they can work closer to home, work child friendly hours, get paid a good rate and have flexibility in how and when they work to be available for their children. If you are interested in exploring other businesses that you can start from home as a virtual assistant see our business opportunities page.

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