Online Sales Representative

Online selling is not a new concept but uses more online methods of communicating than traditional telephone sales. An Important aspect of this job is the understanding that:

  • Most shoppers are doing their own marketing research so you need to be aware of what else is available to them
  • Most shoppers are not ready to buy right now
  • People buy from people they know, like and trust so rapport building is important
  • Genuine buyers appreciate it when you followup
  • Followup is important and you need to have a system to make the record keeping simple

The Sales Pipeline

An important thing an online sales agent needs to understand is that they are NOT the only person speaking to the prospect. Sales agents and staff from competitors are also speaking and communicating with the prospect and “pitching” their own strengths and weaknesses and it isn’t just about price.

There are several stages in the sales pipeline and they are all designed around making sure that you are offering the prospect what they need and can afford to achieve their goals.

Knowing what to ask and what to say

Being a good Online Sales Agent involves asking the right questions to understand as much as possible about the person while also being a genuine person that prospects can relate to.

If you are under pressure to force a sale or make someone do something they are not comfortable with you may never sell a product to them.

It’s important to listen more than speak unless you are sharing valuable information that will help the prospect become a customer.

They’ll become a customer or not

By being diligent and following a good online sales agent system you’ll be able to accurate measure your success rate and understand why you lose prospects to your competitors.

It’s important to be genuine but also to make regularly contact with prospects unless they tell you otherwise. Every time you speak with someone you have an opportunity to build on the qualify of your products and services.

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