Buying an Online Business

Buying an online business costs more than starting one from scratch but it means you can start out in business with a running start.

When you buy an online business you are either buying a business system and process that has a proven track record and training and support or you are buying into a business which is already generating revenue for you.

Types of Online Business

Professional Services Business Website

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The most rudimentary online business is a website which you use to promote your professional services.

If you are a bookkeeper, digital marketing expert, virtual assistant or have any other skill you can promote it on your website and engage new clients.

To do this you are best off starting with a business plan to define and plan how you want your business to look and then you either engage a website designer or build a first version of your website with the most important information – you’d then slowly improve it as you better understand what to put on it.

Sell products online

If you create products or have a wholesale source of products that you know well and can provide support for you can put up a WordPress website using a shopping cart system like WooCommerce and accept payments using PayPal or Stripe.

When an order comes in you put that through to your wholesale provider to “fulfil” and deliver to the customer.

The word used for this is DropShipping and it is big business. Even organisations like Dan Murphy’s do this with their wide range of boutique beer suppliers.

If you make your own products you can of course ship them directly to your customer.

Write a blog and earn money as an affiliate or from advertising

A lot of websites make money by writing about and recommending products or services provided by other people. They normally sign up as an affiliate for the companies they like and have affiliate links on their website pages and blog posts.

When someone clicks one of these links it gets recorded as an affiliate sale and an affiliate commission is paid.

If you have lots of people visit your website or blog you can also place ads on your site and earn advertising income. Some sites even capture details of people who are interested in a product or service (a lead) and pass those leads onto a company who can quote to provide the service.

Buy a Online Business Promoting online courses

As a training course creator we have a proven system where you can buy an online business providing pre support as well as the ability to promote your own professional services.

Training courses are digital products so they are quicker and easier to deliver to customers and can be support online from anywhere.

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