Regularly updating your Xero bookkeeping service ad to reflect your skills growth and flexibility will help you you find your ideal clients.

When you place your first ad for Xero Bookkeeping services you are likely to receive a burst of initial enquiries followed by a gradual decline. This is because:

  • People have already seen the ad a few times and the novelty has worn off. After a few views, they will no longer notice it.
  • The services you are offering may not be relevant to their business needs.
  • They do not feel a sense of urgency to engage your bookkeeping services right then.
  • They are located outside of the geographical area that you have stated in your ad.

As you begin to attract more enquiries and engage new clients, your skills will expand and you will become more flexible and creative in the way you deliver your services.

Talking to your prospects and listening to their business problems allows you to gain insights into the key issues that need addressing. With this knowledge, you can change your ads and tailor them to capture the attention of your ‘ideal client’ and make them more relatable to business owners.

This is how some of our own ads changed over time and why.

Let’s begin by recapping the evolution of our Xero bookkeeping ads to date.

Ad Review: Xero Bookkeeping Tutoring For Beginners

Our first ad was quite simple and generic. We introduced Josika’s bookkeeping services with the following:

  • a specific location
  • a short list of deliverables
  • a Call To Action—“Call Josika today on 1300 886 456”

Then, in the next version we added a bonus deliverable—‘credit management checklists and procedures to help you manage late payers’—to add more value to the offering and to help differentiate Josika’s ad from her competitors.

We also added a splash of colour with the ‘BONUS’ graphic to make the ad more eye-catching.

Ad Review: Specialist Bookkeeping Services

After a few weeks running the Xero Bookkeeping Tutoring For Beginners ad, we created two more ads to attract clients with specific needs. These enabled us to target the ‘pain points’ for business owners and create urgency around the need for bookkeeping services. By providing clear and actionable solutions, we were able to demonstrate an understanding of our prospects’ challenges and inspire confidence in our expertise.

Rescue Bookkeeping

We designed an ad for Agnest that would serve as a virtual lifeline to business owners struggling to keep up with their data entry, BAS lodgements and ATO compliance.

Key highlights of this ad included:

  • a life-saver graphic to grab attention and convey the purpose of the ad
  • a statement highlighting the ‘pain’ points for potential customers
  • a bullet point list of deliverables including the most common needs for rescue bookkeeping
  • bold colours (red and yellow) to convey urgency

Training and Support

Our Xero Bookkeeping Training and Support ad enabled us to reach potential clients whose needs would not be met by enrolling in a course or hiring a dedicated bookkeeper. We wanted our ad to speak to business owners who were interested in engaging somebody who could show them what to do, or perform basic data entry tasks to save themselves time and money.

For this ad, we updated the Xero Bookkeeping Tutoring For Beginners ad with the following changes:

  • We replaced the BONUS graphic with a simple bookkeeping graphic.
  • We added a subheading which included the keywords ‘flexible’ and ‘tailored’ to let prospects know that we were willing to work with them on their specific issues.
  • We updated the bullet point list of deliverables to summarise the key features of a bespoke bookkeeping service.

Updating Your Ads To Reach New Bookkeeping Clients

In our most recent ad refresh for Xero Bookkeeping Tutoring For Beginners, we wanted to expand our reach to an audience that included business owners outside of our own locality. We also wanted to have the flexibility of changing the phone number so that we could direct calls either to the bookkeepers themselves, or to a virtual assistant.

Our objective was to put more emphasis on benefits rather than features. Features are simply a description of your service, whereas benefits tell your prospects how your services will solve their problems.

With this in mind, we made the following updates to Ash’s ad:

  • Switched up the colours for a fresh look.
  • Changed the bonus offer to include a 40-page training manual (higher value).
  • Removed any references to a fixed location.
  • Removed the phone number (because we want clients to click an ad).
  • Updated the bullet point list of deliverables to highlight the benefits (solutions to pain points).
  • Changed the the bullet points to check marks (ticks) to reinforce our solutions-based approach.
  • We have retained a strong Call To Action at the bottom of the ad, directing prospects to call us on the number indicated in the text of the ad.

Digital Advertising Milestone Summary

By taking time out to review your ad periodically and adapting it to the changing needs of your customers, you will be able to expand your bookkeeping business and attract new clients with different needs.

You might also find your perfect ad that really identifies with the work you want to do and attracts more ideal clients.

Recommended actions:

  • Don’t let your ads get stale. Constantly strive to understand the challenges that your prospects are facing and gain insights into their motivations for hiring a bookkeeper. 
  • Revisit your ‘ideal client’ profile and use it to craft an ad that speaks to them directly.
  • Consider what drives your current clients. Why did they hire you?
  • Ask a third party to look at your ad. Sometimes it helps to step back and get an objective opinion.
  • Test a couple of different ads to see which version performs better.

Before too long, you’ll instinctively know when your ad needs a refresh and you’ll be well-equipped to tailor it to your target market.

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