From Childcare to Bookkeeping

Agnest has been in the childcare industry for 12 years and although she loves the kids and the work she is ready for a career change where there is more opportunity to work flexible hours and earn better pay.

Agnest decided to start a bookkeeping business, has gone through the bookkeeping training courses to upskill in the bookkeeping tasks using MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks Online and is now promoting herself in her local area as a junior level bookkeeper.

One of the challenging parts of running your own business is speaking with potential clients to understand their needs and working out whether they are an ideal client for you – this is the journey that Agnest is now going through.

National Bookkeeping Services and business opportunity

Before Agnest was able to speak with potential cilents we

  • created a digital profile,
  • performed some local awareness marketing,
  • set her up in our CloudPBX system
  • designed advertisements, which contained a call-to-action
  • promoted her to local businesses and accounting firms

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