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Important Skills for Job Seekers and Online Business Owners

Knowledge of software and workplace procedures are a good base to have when applying for jobs there are other “soft skills” you need to know to perform well when working with other employees, contractors, clients and suppliers.

Most soft skills are centred around managing your time, priorities and your relationships with the people you work with and customers. Soft skills are taught in lots of different courses but when your studies align with your life goals most of these interactions become effortless and easy because you end up doing work that fits into your lifestyle and life goals.

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We’ve managed to get the rights of an Oxford graduate and published author who has helped people from school age students to working parents achieve their life and study goals.


NOW Available! March 8th, 2021

We’re very excited to be working with a man who has come from incredibly difficult circumstances to put himself through study at Oxford and achieve his own life goals.

Study Success and Life Goals training is now included in every short course for free. If you are already enrolled or need to find it in our Career Academy section just reach out to your tutor or student support consultant.

Study and Goal Setting skills are transferable so once you learn them and put them into practice they’ll help you become more employable and more successful in every aspect of your life.

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Delve Deeper into Accredited Soft Skills Training

  • Listening and Communications Skills
    • Define effective listening skills,
    • Asking good questions
    • Understanding the requirements and needs, and
    • Explain the benefits.

See topics in the official Nationally Accredited Communicate in the workplace Certificate Course

  • Organising Meetings
    • Planning skills
    • Who are the participants (internal with staff as well as external appointments),
    • Ensuring all participants attend the meeting
    • Ensure all attendees know when and where it is?
    • Distributing documentation to attendees prior to a meeting

See topics in the official Nationally Accredited Organise Meetings Certificate Course

  • Time Management Skills
    • Understanding the difference between important and urgent
    • Plan your time
    • Decision making categories
    • Prioritise & Organise
    • Time management strategies and examples.

See topics in the official Nationally Accredited Develop a time management plan

  • Customer Service
    • Asking questions and listening,
    • Identifying opportunities,
    • Finding a fit for the customer,
    • Understand what you can change and what you can’t,
    • Escalating to a manager,
    • Keeping track of promises.

See topics in the official Nationally Accredited Provide customer service Certificate Course

  • Working With Difficult People
    • How conflict arises,
    • How to remain objective,
    • How to resolve conflict.

See topics in the official Nationally Accredited Deal with conflict Certificate Course

  • Working as Part of a Team
    • Teamwork software,
    • Understanding your goals and time frames,
    • Communicating to superiors as well as to your peers, and
    • Reporting on your achievements.

See topics in the official Nationally Accredited Work in a team Certificate Course

  • Setting and Achieving Goals
    • Major & Milestone goals
    • Time frames and dependencies,
    • Tasks, resources and delegation,
    • Work in progress,
    • Meetings and outcomes
    • Reporting and Communications

See topics in the official Nationally Accredited Manage own work performance Certificate Course

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