Writing Task 1

Using an example based on any of these three industries and job types, write about the importance of one or two of the soft skills below, making sure you meet all the requirements listed at the bottom of this page.

Employment Industry or Sector

  • Real Estate agents, buying and selling real estate or managing property
  • Small business accounting and bookkeeping using MYOB, Xero or QuickBooks Online
  • Office administration using Microsoft Office software using Teams, Excel, Word or Outlook

You must include at least one of these topics and a paragraph or so about it:

Work skills needed to find jobs

  • Listening and communications skills
  • Organising meetings
  • Time Management Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Working with difficult people
  • Working as part of a team

Learn more about these soft skills and tasks involved

What you must provide and do

  1. You must reference a previously published blog at this site: https://workface.com.au/blog/
  2. You must provide links to where you found the information you researched and wrote about
  3. Identify a landing page at https://workface.com.au/ where people reading your blog can take action in their career
  4. Write down the most important 3 keywords or keyphrases for your blog post
  5. Identify a free image from an online image library that reflects the contents of your blog
  6. The blog should be 400 words but no longer than 500.

Email your completed blog post to [email protected]