About the Courses

You Get Access to Everything

Unlike some of the larger training companies, our online courses include everything. For ONE PRICE you will receive access to ALL Software specific MODULES (and all the new modules and we create).

There are no additional fees whether you are a beginner or an advanced user.

See the full list of training topics you gain access to upon enrolment in our Training Outline.

How Are You Assessed?

At the end of each module is an Assessment Task which tests your new found skills.

You have the opportunity to attempt each Knowledge Review 3 times (we provide tips on where to find the correct information) to help your skills improve.

The assessments are thorough and wide-ranging in scope but you can feel free to attempt our basic MYOB Skills Quiz if you want to see how much you already know about MYOB.

Remember this free quiz is a very simple example of online assessment tools, our in-course knowledge reviews are much more thorough.

Your “After Course Resource”

When you complete your course you have full access to all training materials for 12 months. That includes the training videos you’ve used and, most importantly, any new training videos and workbooks that are created in your membership period.

Our 12 months Membership was only introduced this year and has been a huge success because it gives our customers the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that they continue to have a resource — after their initial training period!

Online Learning — Simply a Better Way to Learn

Educational videos and training course manuals provide students with a consistent learning experience every time — one that is not governed by a particular teacher or other distractions that may affect your learning on a day-to-day basis. You study when you choose. Employers can also be confident knowing that anyone who enrols in our online training will receive training in EVERY topic in the Training Outline.

Our Guarantee

Our online training courses are subject to continuous improvement and evaluation. We look to improve our course content, delivery, operations and assessment and always review other online course offerings. Perhaps most important of all is the feedback we receive from our customers.

We welcome your feedback on our online training courses. We also offer a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee as a demonstration of our commitment to your satisfaction. Happy customers are essential to the survival of our business!

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