Online Training Course Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take me to complete the course?
You can access the training materials for as long, and as often, as you want. So the more you access and use the materials the faster you will complete the course. It also depends on your skills level; for instance, if you are completely new to accounting and computers it might take you longer. The fastest a student has gone through the course is one week, the average is 2-3 weeks and some people take several months.

2. When can I start?
After you have completed the enrolment form and made your payment you will receive an enrolment confirmation email confirming your enrolment and providing you with passwords to access your course. From there you can start immediately!

3. How long can I access the course?
As of this year, all our customers now receive 12 Months Membership so you can access each of the training videos and workbooks, along with all new MYOB content we create — for the duration of your membership!

4. Do I get a certificate?
If you choose the certificate option when you enrol, you will receive a certificate after you have successfully completed the online assessment questions. See the Order page for more information and prices.

5. How does assessment work?
The assessment questions are located at the end of each section or at the end of each course and comprise a series of questions which may include YES/NO, multiple choice, multiple answer or matching questions. When you submit your answers (you get 3 attempts) your answers are recorded in your student profile. When you have completed them, let us know and an assessor will confirm that you passed each test and provide you with a certificate.

6. How do I get my certificate?
Your certificate is sent to you as a full colour PDF attachment and forms a great inclusion in your resumé.

7. What type of certificate do I receive?
The default certificate is an EzyLearn Certificate of Completion. This confirms you have accessed the course and successfully completed the knowledge reviews.

8. Can I get a nationally recognised certificate?
The EzyLearn training material provides training on many aspects that are relevant to bookkeeping. Ezylearn continues to align its training materials with nationally-recognised qualifications. The certificate you receive is an EzyLearn Certificate of Completion.

9. What if I have a problem using the online course?
EzyLearn support uses a ticketing system to keep track of problems you have or tasks that need to be performed for you (like assessment checking for your certificate). Students can access this online support for any questions they have regarding the course.

10. What is included in the course?
To see what is included in each course visit the Course Outline information for each course.