Remote Workers Marketing Development & Affiliate Program

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The the work performed by a remote worker can be very interesting and varied. “New software, online tools and apps are launched every month and this program is aimed at creating a learning space where training is created, reviewed and discussed to get you exposed to as much information as possible to help you maintain your position as a leading remote worker.

Our academic team and contributors cover most aspects of a business, including

  • marketing,
  • sales,
  • support,
  • admin,
  • finances,
  • reporting,
  • CRM,
  • productivity,
  • time management,
  • scheduling and so on

“As a member of the Remote Worker Marketing & Development Program, you receive access to this training and can have direct input into the content of future courses”

— Steve Slisar (Program Director)

Membership Goals

  • Members receive new training regularly

Membership to the program will aid you and your business as we explore every aspect of business where technology is, and can be used, to better your business.

  • Member collaboration and review

When new course content becomes part of the program, it’s usually because we’ve created an outline for the course and filled it with educational content and examples. Often it flows beautifully, but sometimes there are still more requirements for small business we haven’t explored. We’d love to hear your stories and have a way of collaborating.

  • CPD Points 

If you are a member of a professional association you can use your time reviewing and participating in these educational experiences for your CPD points.

Current Program Courses

These are some of the courses currently in development:

  • Getting Your Business Domain onto Google G Suite (Google Apps) – workbook available
  • Facebook Page, Posts and Advertising
  • Credit Management – workbook
  • Using Paypal for business – workbook
  • Content Marketing using a WordPress Blog – workbook and videos going through enhancement
  • Digital Business in Practise – videos and workbook and going through enhancement
  • Sales Training Course – understand the selling process
  • Tsheets for rostering, time tracking and weekly payroll (first draft for review).
  • When to use and how to create Recipient Created Tax Invoices
  • WooCommerce, WordPress and online sales and how they’re accounted for (first draft)