Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating content for websites, landing page, blogs and newsletters with the purpose of attracting people to your landing pages to learn about what you do and how you do it. It is an opportunity for you to share your story while getting prospects into your sales funnel so they get to know and like you and finally want to participate in what it is you do – it’s online marketing.

The content part is usually about keywords because today’s market is driven by keyword optimisation so help relevant websites get discovered by the dominant search engine, Google.

Challenges in Creating Content

According to the Content Marketing Institute the hardest part about a content marketing strategy is:

  • Creating enough content
  • Create quality engaging content
  • Allocating the budget to pay for content marketing

Most of this has happened because small business marketing hasn’t caught up with technology and that leaves writers in a great place to take advantage of the need for well written content that follows the content writing principles needed to appease Google’s search bots.

How to Charge for Content Writing

The quality of content varies from writer to writer and a good knowledge of what the small business does is very important. If you are working within the marketing department of a small business you don’t need to worry about the costs because it just becomes a reallocation of your time and resources, but if you are a professional writer you are in a unique position of being able to charge by the blog, long article etc.

If you are able to write great content, quickly, you’ll be able to take advantage of your capability to leverage your time/skills. For a good example of the retail charges look at these content marketing packages.

Don’t be Scared of Competition

We all now compete globally for creative services like writing so it’s important to remember that there is only one you and your writing and capabilities are unique. Best of all you are Australian and that goes a long way if you are looking to work for Australian businesses because you understand the lingo, the topics and the way that other Aussies communicate.

Run A Business From Home Doing Content Marketing

Our team are working with EzyLearn to help you learn about content marketing and then start your own business from home doing content marketing for local small businesses.

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