Our Online Induction Training Solution

Any business with employees, contractors, visitors or volunteers can use our simple and affordable online induction training solutions offering some very tangible benefits to your business.

Inducting people before they begin working with your organisation ensures a best-practice approach to health and safety for all your staff and contractors — and compliance with Australia’s strict work health and safety laws.

You are also guaranteed every person will receive a consistent training experience, rather than an experience that differs from trainer to trainer.

Of course, inducting your staff also enhances employee engagement — when people understand the basic rules and operating procedures of the organisation they’re working with, they know what is required from them and feel like part of a team.

online inductions

Our online induction training solution enables your organisation to customise as many, or as few, online inductions as you need to make sure that all your team and visiting contractors understand what is required of them before performing work at your site. Not only does this minimise risk of harm to your people or damage to property, it also saves you time and money.

We can:

  • create and manage customised induction training courses — using your own content;
  • manage the enrolment process;
  • arrange you pay, or vendor pay, systems;
  • provide a cloud-based induction program, accessible 24/7;
  • test inductees on their knowledge and manage their online learning.

Creating Your Online Induction
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