Achievement Coaching

Achievement coaching for virtual assistants and teleworkers

Achieve your Goal of Running a Business from Home

Sometimes it difficult to get started when you need to learn something new but if you are dedicated and want to learn our Achievement Coaching will provide you with the extra focus and direction that is needed to complete your training on time.

Working from home as a virtual assistant (Teleworker) can be challenging for the first timer because you need to develop self control and remain focussed.
With Achievement Coaching you agree to work with your coach to achieve milestones within given time-frames.

Goal, Focus, Achievement

We can ensure you start focussed and remain committed by achieving small milestones each week, month and quarter and achieving your goals within a pre-determined timeframe.

Your coach will help you achieve many different goals and the lessons and disciplines you learn will help not only in your work, but also your personal life. Coaching sessions are delivered over the phone and goes for 30 minutes, your coach will make notes at the end of each coaching session and provide tasks that you need to complete between each session.