Lead Generation

What is a Lead?

Leads can be generated many different ways and they differ in their “convertibility” into a sale. Some leads are from potential customers who are not ready to buy your products right now but are doing their own research about the possibilities available to them. Other leads are from potential customers who are much closer to taking action and making a buying decision.

How do you get Leads?

Leads are all around you and become available when you know what to look out for. They can appear in every day conversation and they can appear from purpose built websites like this one and the job of a good business owner is to:

  1. Know what type of lead you are looking for, and
  2. Know how to convert that lead into a sale

Lead Generation Systems

A professionally created website is one example of a lead generation system and everyone wants one of those so you have to compete in the online world using content marketing, inbound marketing, online marketing, Search engine optimisation, Google Adwords and host of other options. Referral Marketing is something that you can learn to do yourself and is the cheapest form there is.

Online Lead Generation

Our focus is to create a compelling solution for potential customers and we use our blog as well as affiliations with other online marketing companies and service providers. We also become a central that small businesses can turn to when they are looking for a new team member in their business.

Referral Marketing and Networking

Many people misunderstand just how easy this is and it’s because they are focussed on themselves and who can start using their services NOW. When you learn the correct methods of how to network and better still how to build a referral network you’ll discover that your purpose is to help others and by listening and understand what your business colleagues need you’ll be able to build an entire network of professionals who are looking out for leads for you.