Office Administration Training Courses

Office Administration jobs are performed in the office of a business with generally several people on staff. The most widely used software in Offices is Microsoft Office because it includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

The Bookkeeper Career Academy online office administration training courseThese are the most commonly used software programs to

  • present information (PowerPoint),
  • write proposals and reports (Word),
  • analyse data (Excel), and
  • communicate with customers, suppliers and staff (Outlook).

Some office workers think that they are good at using Microsoft Word until they learn how to use some of the Intermediate to Advanced Word skills and the same applies to other Microsoft Office software.

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Office Admin with Accounting Tasks

Some office administration tasks include the use of accounting software to

  • the Career Academy MYOB & Xero Certificate Ultimate Training Course - working remotely from homecreate quotes
  • create invoices
  • receive payments
  • keep track of expenses
  • manage purchases
  • manage timesheets
  • pay wages

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Start and Manage an Online Business

If you are starting your own business or managing a business the Online Business Course will give you tools and skills to run the best business you can.

Start a micro business working remotely from home in accounting, freelance writing, social media marketing, virtual assistant - Career Academy Training Short Courses $25 per weekManaging a business involves

  • being aware of competitors,
  • understand your own pricing and capabilities, and
  • creating strategies to promote your business so you get discovered.
  • creating systems to manage what happens in the business

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