Creating Your Online Induction


Using the Induction Content You Already Have

PowerPoint Presentation or Questionnaire

We ask you to show us what training material you currently have so we can develop a plan to get your induction system up and running. Your existing training material is the best basis on which to build your online induction courses. Commonly companies have a PowerPoint Presentation and combine that with a questionnaire or written document for the Employee or Contractor to complete.

Online Induction Audio

If you don’t already have one, we can create a script, and arrange for this to be delivered by a professional presenter, which will accompany the presentation. The key purpose of this is to present inductees with induction information in an audio format in addition to visual — some people absorb information better this way.

Test the Skills

Critical to the online induction process is to test that inductees understand what has been taught. An online induction test is also used to reinforce the main points in the induction. This is particularly important if the induction is safety-focused.

Online inductions2

Online Induction Course Completion Certificate

The final part of our online induction program is granting inductees a certificate of completion. Most companies prefer a system that generates a certificate automatically as these tend to save on staff time and inductee management. We ensure there is an email authentication process when inductees first enrol to give you the peace of mind that the person completing the induction is the person about to complete the work for you.

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