Resume Writing

Resume-Sample-1Your resume is an important document that can help you earn a living to support your life goals. It is the document that provides a prospective employer with their first impression of you and your suitability for their vacancy so it’s important that you get it right. It is also important if you want to start a business working from home as a virtual assistant or want to build a great LinkedIn profile.

Are you confident that your resume will attract a prospective employers attention in their first 30 seconds of reading?

Our resume writing service provides you with a professional resume written by our own team of virtual assistants that contains all the relevant information about you to help convince a prospective employer to include you in the list of potential candidate. Combined with a professional cover letter your resume will demonstrate that not only are you the best suited for the position vacancy but that you want the job!

Our Resume Writing Service combines a

  • Professional resume which contains important information about you, but more importantly
  • Microsoft Word course that provides you with the skills (as well as some extra resume templates) to modify and enhance your resume as and when you need it.
  • Training on how to set-up a professional LinkedIn profile

With many years experience in helping people with their resumes and LinkedIn profiles we’ll produce a professional profile of your skills, experience and references to help make you more employable and desirable.

Remember that this service includes 12 months access to the EzyLearn Microsoft Word Course. This course contains 12 subjects from Beginners to Advanced so it’s a resource that will cover most of the things you’ll ever need to do in an office using Microsoft Word. See what’s included in the Microsoft Word Online Course.

Your Resume Order involves collection of you information for use in the resume, creation of your resume in Microsoft Word + 12 months access to the Microsoft Word Course. The course alone is worth $197 so your resume and modifications only cost $100!

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