Happy business builders and referrals to find customers for your bookkeeping businessOne of our core goals at WorkFace is to help job seekers find work and small business owners build their businesses using their new found skills as a result of our online training courses or services and today we present some fundamental information that when used properly and diligently will help your business grow.

Most small business owners increase their revenue by doing business with people they know and the friends of the people they know. Here’s a list of the major ways that new customers can be found:

  1. People you know
  2. Referrals from people you know
  3. Networking
  4. Cold Calling or Door Knocking
  5. Direct Marketing with letterbox drops, mailing flyers etc
  6. Industry referrals (accountants or vertical markets that you specialise in)
  7. Online (website, blog, social media)

We recently spoke to a chapter director of BNI, a networking and referral organisation, about how to combine the first three points listed above by joining BNI, getting to know the other members, attending weekly meetings (usually breakfasts) and start passing on leads to people in the group. They sometimes call this “givers gain” and by helping other people in their businesses you will automatically start receiving leads for your own business.

Check out their website for more information and go along to a meeting to see what it’s like. You’ll have a chance to promote your business and meet some local people.