Online induction programsAn online induction training program is important to businesses, big and small, especially when using contractors or consultants. Online induction training also helps a new employee settle in. But what information should you be providing?

Safe Work Practices and Job Specific Info

Your online induction program should include all of the work health and safety measures relevant to your organisation. But there should also be some info on general housekeeping, such as where to find parking or a local lunch spot or general store.

But your induction information also needs to include specific things about the new employee’s department or position. This might be things like who an employee reports to, how often the company carries out performance reviews, and what the pay cycle is. You’ll be amazed how many new job starters don’t know this basic information! When you provide this induction info up front, you’re business also comes across as friendly, helpful and transparent.

What’s Expected

Your online induction program is also an opportunity to highlight what YOU want out of the new starter. You might choose to outline their tasks and duties and when they’re expected to have them completed by. Sure, you may have covered this in the interview process, but anecdotal evidence shows that the vast majority of new employees still don’t know what is expected of them until their first day on the job and it never hurts to repeat it.

When People are Unsure

What happens when people feel a little in the dark? They tend to spend the first few weeks on the job feeling uncertainty; pretending they know exactly what they should be doing, when they don’t and the longer this goes on, the more afraid they are to ask! Inevitably, people begin to feel frustrated and ultimately disengaged — all of which wastes time, money and is demoralising.


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