Business Mentoring

Work from home as a virtual assistant, teleworker and remote contractor

mentor for virtual assisttant, teleworkers, bookkeepersIf your head is filled with ideas and desired to start a business and you want to speak to someone about them you need business mentoring. Have an idea that will help your business grow? Have a problem but too many possible solutions? When you want to speak with someone who has done it all before and will give you the confidence to march forward with your business you need business mentoring.

If you are considering starting a business under a franchise model but don’t like the fact that you’ll have to give away your goodwill in the process you might be interested in our business mentoring instead. Many franchised business owners just need a mentor in their first year of business, particularly in serviced based businesses like:

  • Bookkeeping,
  • Virtual Assistant, and
  • Website Design and Online Marketing

Our trainers and assessors as well our support team are mainly remote contractors (virtual assistants) so they are very familiar with the type of business you want to get into and can provide you with the mentoring support you need to start a new business.

Start a Bookkeeping Business

MYOB online course start a bookkeeping businessOur team of support specialists includes Registered BAS agents and business owners so they are in a unique position to be there for you when you have a question about starting, running and growing a bookkeeping business. From questions about pricing and packages to legal suggestions and tips and tricks on the best way to get new customers they are available for you.

There are many aspects to bookkeeping and you can start from basic data entry type work to much more advanced reporting and financial strategy. If you have a question and you’ve got a business mentor you always have someone to call.

Learn more about our Bookkeeping Business StartUp Program

Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Because our Small Business Management Courses are now online, not only can we teach students from all over Australia, but our support team come from all over Australia. They operate their own independent businesses so they can help you set your virtual assistant business up correctly.

Virtual Assistants are also called Remote Contractors, Remote Workers and even Teleworkers and the most common tasks they perform involve using administration and finance software programs and services like Microsoft Office and MYOB Accounting software. They also include skills in Customer Service and marketing using social media and Google Tools for Small Business.

Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Online Internet Marketing business

As an online business our team members spend a lot of time using programs like WordPress (for website design and blogging) and Google for online marketing and advertising. Our Support team are equipped to be there for your questions and ideas and will share their experiences in creating websites and other online content and promote it using various methods including Google.

You’ll have the support and encouragement, not to mention some great new skills, to work for local or remote businesses in an area that is becoming increasing more important. A great aspect about this work is that you can work from home because employers can see the results of the work you do.

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