Career change as Bookkeeper

Make a career change in sought-after bookkeeping

Throughout our working lives, most of us will change career at least once to several times. It’s increasingly the norm that people will actually have several career changes and often this is thought by employers to be highly desirable as it demonstrates flexibility, openness to change and a broader skill set.

Sometimes people change their careers based on uninformed choices. But even if we make informed choices when picking our next career move, it doesn’t guarantee that we’ll ultimately want to stick to our chosen path, or even that we should. There are many and varied reasons why your career choice may not remain the best choice for you for the long term. Here are some reasons you might seriously consider leaving your current career for a new one.

You should consider a career change IF:

  1. Your life has changed: When you embarked upon your career you might have been young (or younger!) and single. Now you might have a family and find that the crazy schedule or the frequent travel that is typical of your career simply doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore. Time to  look for an occupation that is more “family friendly” or with more scope for a work/life balance.
  2. The job outlook in your field has worsened: Maybe things looked promising in your field when you entered it but changes in technology, the economy, or the industry you work in mean that job opportunities are no longer plentiful. You should look for an occupation that has a better outlook.
  3. You are experiencing job burnout: Once upon a time you loved going to work every day. You no longer feel that way. In fact, maybe it’s gotten so bad that you can’t stand doing your job anymore and Sundays are anxiety-fraught in anticipation of the week that lies ahead. Maybe you’ve changed employers and it still hasn’t helped. Sounds like it’s time to find a career that will inspire you.
  4. Your job is too stressful: Some occupations are inherently stressful. After a while the stress can become too much to handle. To preserve your mental and physical health you may have to find a career that is less stressful.
  5. You find your work boring: When you did your initial research, the occupation you ultimately chose had a lot of advancement opportunities. Perhaps you’ve now climbed up the ladder as far as you can go and the challenges aren’t there anymore. A career change can provide you with the challenge you crave.
  6. You want to earn more money: Remember — money isn’t at the top of the list when it comes to job satisfaction, so don’t be surprised if a career that will bring you higher earnings isn’t one you will find particularly satisfying. That said, if other reasons are leading you to consider a career change, higher earnings should be something you consider when you choose a new career.
  7. You’ve decided it’s time to try working for yourself: When you work for yourself, you never have to worry about getting fired. Today, just about anybody with a computer and an internet connection can start a business. You can even keep your day job if you want to (or need to for financial reasons while you build your business). Of course, you’ll have to be prepared to put in some work. Running a successful business is no walk in the park and entrepreneurship may not be the right career move for everyone. However, it’s definitely the best way to go if you really want to live by your wits and be your own boss. You’ll have to find your own clients, manage your own time and pay for your own coffee and biscuits. But you’ll never be at the complete mercy of one boss or one company ever again.

Maybe it’s time for you to embark upon a career change in the always sought-after area of bookkeeping. Why not talk to us about our Sydney Bookkeeper Meetups? Or if you’re still a bookkeeper beginner, check out our wide range of available online MYOB courses.