Sydney Bookkeeper locations

Sydney Bookkeepers People who want to learn MYOB and or start a bookkeeping businessYou may recall the Reinvent Your Career Expo we attended earlier this month. We decided not to give away a prize at the event even though many people told us its a great way to build a database. We would prefer to have good in-depth conversations with interested people and that’s exactly what we did. Most of the people we spoke to were interested in becoming a Sydney Bookkeeper.

There were a handful of walk-by QR Code Warriors who were zapping their registration cards at every stand, but luckily not too many!

All Over Sydney

When we received the data from the expo organisers about visitors who used their QR code at our stand, we put it into our computer system and came up with this amazing map of Sydney. What’s most amazing is that our visitors were spread very evenly across Sydney!

For our inaugural Sydney Bookkeeper Meetup we chose our Crows Nest office for the event, but this map shows us the need to organise Sydney Bookkeeper Meetups across the whole of Sydney.

Sydney Bookkeeper Meetup

After attending several meetups through the Meetup website we realised how much fun it can be to network with other people who have similar interests to your own. We also realised that it is a great way to share ideas, learn something new and even do business.

If you are interested in one Entrepreneurial Meetup I go to, check out the Maverick Entrepreneurs Meetup at Lane Cove. If you are interested in coming along on a journey with us please register and RSVP.

When is suitable for you?

When we organised our first meetup we didn’t realise how significant the demand could be and the different type of people who would be interested so we put together this quick Sydney Bookkeeper Meetup questionnaire to help us prepare meetups in other parts of Sydney including Parramatta and Bankstown.