We were thrilled to be a part of the Reinvent Your Career Expo at Darling Harbour on September 8-9th 2012. After enrolling hundreds of students into our popular online MYOB Training Courses it was exciting and exhausting speaking to hundreds of people face-to-face at the expo. We were also surprised to discover how many corporate accountants are exploring a bookkeeping career.

There were many training organisations at the expo and a huge stand for the CDAA. The CDAA (Career Development Association of Australia) is an industry group of career professionals and there was a long queue of eager job seekers lining up to have their resume evaluated by a Career Development Professional.

Start a bookkeeping business

If you are a subscriber to our blog you’ll be aware of our project to help people start their own bookkeeping business. What we found very interesting at the expo is the number of people who are already working in the accounts department of a large corporate who are exploring a change to a bookkeeping career so they can spend more time with their young family and work more flexible hours.

What was even more interesting was that 10% of them were degree qualified accountants looking for a bookkeeping career instead of their high workload, high pressure accounting role at their large corporate.

More face-to-face

As a result of our great experience at the Reinvent your career expo we are even more excited about our Sydney Bookkeeper Meetups. These meetups will give us an opportunity to meet people face to face and explore the challenges people face in starting a bookkeeping business as well as the ongoing learning needs of bookkeepers to keep up-to-date with software, technology and changes in accounting legislation as it relates to bookkeepers.

If you want to meet with like minded people who want to start a bookkeeping career or a bookkeeping business please register your interest and come along.