franchising opportunitiesWe’re looking for entrepreneurs, or would-be entrepreneurs, to join us and become involved in a whole range of different business opportunities, including opportunities as consultants or contractors in the areas of:

  • safety and compliance
  • education and training
  • bookkeeping and MYOB
  • web design and internet marketing, and
  • IT support and VoIP consulting.

In a similar vein, we’ve been talking a lot about franchises lately; specifically — why you would buy a franchise. Our last post looked at how franchises are appealing because they’re essentially a turnkey business – that is, they’re fully operational from day one and you can just walk in and take over.

Making Business Operations Easily Replicable

Implementing processes and procedures are important in business, particularly if you ever intend to employ staff, because it ensures the way your business operates is easily replicated.

In our Small Business Management course, we cover things like implementing processes and procedure in the ‘Monitor and Undertake Small Business Operations’ module of the course.

Ensuring operations are able to be replicated is a good guarantee that your employees will provide your customers with consistent service, each and every time, which is the cornerstone of every successful business. Your takeaway shop may make the best burgers when you’ve only got 2 or 3 customers, but your business won’t survive if your staff aren’t able to replicate that burger when they have 30 or 40 customers, because people will just go to an Oporto or McDonalds who can.

How Do The Big Guys Do It?

The reason Oporto and McDonalds can pump out 30 or 40 burgers of the same quality is because each step of the process – from taking the order, to making the burger, to serving it to the customer – has been isolated and a system developed to enable fast and consistent service.

These systems and procedures are a huge part of what makes a franchised business successful – in fact, according to the Franchise Council of Australia, franchises have an overall success rate of 90 percent, while an independent small business has a success rate of about 15 percent.

That’s not to say that every business, just because it’s a franchise, has a proven system in place, so it’s always wise to investigate a potential franchise’s business system, as they’re usually pretty stringent on how much you can deviate from their predetermined business structure and systems, even if it’s not working.


That being said, for the most part, investing in a franchise and its proven system offers entrepreneurs a great opportunity for success, without going through the many painstaking steps of establishing a brand new business. With a franchise they can concentrate on getting to know their customers and bringing in new business instead.

Next in our Franchising series: corporate image and brand awareness.