franchising franchises opportunitiesPerhaps you are considering starting your own business, but you’re not quite sure you have what it takes to start something entirely from scratch. If so, you may be better suited to buying into a franchise. We’ve been publishing a series of posts about franchises, including the benefits of buying an existing brand, to the role played by ongoing training and replicable systems. Here we discuss keeping ahead of trends.

How to Stay on Top of Everything

In business, it’s important that to keep abreast of the latest developments in the business world, the industry within which you operate, and any other developments that may impact your business, such as payroll changes, for example. We cover this in our Small Business Management course, and the same principals apply to franchises.

For the small business owner, this is a lot to take in, and depending on the number of staff you employ or the nature of your business and the industry itself, this can be increasingly time consuming. In fact, many business owners find themselves acting more like administrators, than the head of a business.

Leave it to Head Office

When you buy a franchised business, however, the franchisor or head office takes care of that administration work, and ensures, for example, that you’re contributing the correct rate of superannuation, withholding the right amount of tax, and so forth.

More importantly, though, a franchised business has the weight of a large corporation behind it, so it’s easier to stay ahead of industry trends, and implement strategies to combat potential risks to the longevity of the business.

Sometimes this involves the costly undertaking of researching and developing a new product, or trialling a new service. Sometimes these new products or ideas take off, and other times they don’t and they’re discontinued. Most small business owners won’t have the capital to test a new product unless they’re certain it will succeed – and if it doesn’t it’s often the difference between making and breaking a business.

In this way, when you buy a franchise, you can be secure in knowing there’s someone out there who also has your back. It’s that ongoing support that makes buying a franchise an exceptionally appealing option.

Our Work from Home Business Opportunities

We are offering a range of great home-based contracting and business opportunities in the areas of safety and compliance; education and training; bookkeeping and MYOB; web design and internet marketing; and IT support and VoIP consulting. If you believe you might be suited to working in one of these industries, working your own hours and supporting proven systems, then don’t hesitate to register your interest or contact us.


In our next post we’re going to look at franchise marketing.