franchises franchisingWorkface is now offering a range of flexible home-based contracting and business opportunities in the areas of:

  • safety and compliance
  • education and training
  • bookkeeping and MYOB
  • web design and internet marketing, and
  • IT support and VoIP consulting.

If you believe you might be suited to working in one of these industries, working your own hours and supporting proven systems, then don’t hesitate to register your interest or contact us.

As part of this drive we’re outlining all the reasons why people buy a franchised business in our series of posts on franchising. One big reason is corporate image and branding. When you buy a franchise, you’re generally buying an established business with an already established brand and reputation in the community, and with that comes an established marketing strategy.

Let Corporate Head Office Take Care of It

In many cases, buying a franchised business – like a McDonalds or Jims Mowing business – means never having to spend a cent on marketing or advertising, because it’s taken care of at a corporate level. Marketing is crucial to grow and develop a business, which we cover in great detail in our Small Business Management course, but for many small business owners, even an ad in the local newspaper requires far deeper pockets than they often have.

When you buy a franchise, particularly a large, well-established franchise, however, there’s quite commonly have a rather large budget for national TV and radio spots, national newspaper and magazine ads, direct mail marketing and any other marketing strategy that they deem necessary to support the brand.

Even the marketing materials you don’t give much thought to are taken care of by the franchisor, such as uniforms, stationary and business cards, signage and other in-store POS marketing materials. This all goes to maintain the company’s brand, which the franchisee can leverage to grow and develop his customer base. Few small business owners have it this good – and marketing is certainly one of the big draw cards for entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise.


If you’re thinking about buying into your own business opportunity, then be sure to take a look at our current be-your-own-boss choices we have on offer.