franchise franchising trainingWe’ve recently published a series of posts on why people buy franchises and why buying a turnkey, or already established, business can be extremely advantageous. In keeping with all the talk about franchises and franchising, we have recently introduced a range of business opportunities for entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs, whether they have taken our Small Business Management course or not, and perhaps haven’t found the right business opportunity yet.

As we’ve discussed, a franchise is a great opportunity for would-be entrepreneurs because yes, you’re working with an established business, but also because training is provided.

Building a Replicable System

The main reason a franchisor provides training programs to franchisees is to ensure that each franchise is operated in an identical fashion, which also guarantees that every customer receives the same, consistent service. We have also gone into some detail about the proven systems aspect of franchises in a previous post.

This training is a mandatory requirement for the franchisee, as well as any staff he may employ. In the case of McDonalds, for example, new recruits are sent on a training program at the McDonald’s head office prior to their commencement, and they also continue to receive ongoing training in customer service, and even work health and safety procedures.

Work Health and Safety or Industry-Specific Training

In fact, one of the most sensible reasons for buying into a franchise relates to training, particularly in the way of work health and safety and other industry-specific training. At a corporate level, franchisors are obligated to ensure each franchise maintains best-practice operating procedures in all aspects of the business and the industry within which it operates.

In a Gloria Jeans franchise, for instance, this relieves the franchisee of a great deal of responsibility when it comes to ensuring their business and staff are fully compliant with the relevant food handling procedures, WHS laws, and the like, which are often a source of great stress for the independent small business owner trying to keep abreast of an ever-changing industry.

The other upshot, of course, is that with such rigorous training, a potential franchisee of a Gloria Jeans doesn’t need to have any previous hospitality experience – and indeed, this is sometimes a preference of some franchisors, as it means they have a blank slate to work with.

Our Be-Your-Own-Boss Opportunities

We are offering a range of great home-based contracting and business opportunities in the areas of safety and compliance; education and training; bookkeeping and MYOB; web design and internet marketing; and IT support and VoIP consulting. If you believe you might be suited to working in one of these industries, working your own hours and supporting proven systems, then don’t hesitate to register your interest or contact us.


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