resume writing service and free Microsoft Word CourseIf you are completing an online training course in MYOB or Excel because you want to become a bookkeeper, changes are you will also benefit by a greater understanding of WordPress or Microsoft Word because these are the tools that will help you earn an income using your new bookkeeping skills.

We recently wrote about some strategies to help you grow your bookkeeping business and in this blog post we want to mention our professional resume writing services. Writing a resume and creating a website are the two main ways that budding bookkeepers begin their journey earning a living performing bookkeeping tasks and we want you to know that when you order your resume through Workface you also get access to the EzyLearn online Microsoft Word course. This will give you the skills to modify your resume when you need to.

Stay tuned over the coming months as we delve into the art of writing a resume and writing for your website so that you get the maximum chance of success when showing off your bookkeeping skills.

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