It doesn’t sound normal does it? Employers normally place job ads in Seek and write up a good job description so job seekers can find the job and apply. That’s the traditional job seeker approach but these are interesting times and how people find accounts and bookkeeping jobs are changing.

The disruption that the Internet caused to newspaper job ads continues to change how job seekers find work.

Normal Hiring Process for Accounting Jobs

After defining the work that needs to be done in the job description the employer then goes through a filtering process to narrow down all the applications. They are used to having job seekers compete for the work and picking the best one. There are even sophisticated Application Tracking Software programs to help them manage the workflow and load. Here’s a example of what they go through:

  1. Application – which you will normally submit via a job board and includes your resume and customised cover letter
  2. Resume screening – which is sometimes partly done by the job board and/or an ATS
  3. Screening call – where the employer will call you in order to set the tone of your relationship
  4. Assessment test – this can be an in-person audition, a written or online test or A practical skills test
  5. In-person interviewing – this is where the employer will ask a series of questions –
    a) A list of job-related questions
    b) Cultural fit questions
  6. Background checks
  7. Reference checks
  8. Decision and job offer

Learn more about the Application Tracking Systems that employers use.

The Bookkeeper Niche


Most of us are now publishers ourselves and we can create a post about anything, including that we are looking for work. In fact there are market places where we can list our details and let potential employers know we’re available.

Sometimes an employer will see your “available for work” post but often it passes by on the timeline and no one notices, particularly when lots of other people are looking for online work.

What does work is being in a marketplace that shows up in Google search results for bookkeepers.

Bookkeeping Marketplaces

Bookkeeping PLUS Xero & MYOB AccountRight Advanced Certificate & Payroll Training Courses - Industry Accredited, Employer Endorsed - CTO

That’s where Industry Connect from National Bookkeeping becomes a valuable resource . After successfully completing your MYOB and Xero studies the digital marketing team at 123 Group will create a web optimised talent pool profile that showcases your details and gives employers an opportunity to make contact with you.

Whether you are looking for work as an employee on PAYG wages or looking for clients that you can invoice as a contractor you need to get discovered for the services you provide.

The more exposure you get the better and if you’ve completed a course with 123 Group Pty Ltd which includes Industry Connect you’ll get a digital profile included for no extra cost.

Congratulations to New Graduates

A fantastic feature about online training courses is the ability to help students learn MYOB and Xero no matter where they are located.

New Industry Connect National Bookkeeping Career Academy Graduates August 2021
You can find these profiles at National Bookkeeping

These graduates are located in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide and their digital profiles are now live. If you are looking for a good local bookkeeper, who also has the skills to work online, then search the National Bookkeeping Talent Pool.

NBN Rollout across Australia will help people teleworking, and run a business from home as a virtual assistant

Although a digital profile is a “passive” way of finding work it gives students extra confidence to present themselves as professionals and is a springboard for them to gain confidence to find work in the Gig-economy if they want to.

The gig-economy was made famous by Uber by giving customers an alternative to costly taxis and for the delivery of food to our homes but another very well known Gig-Economy brand in Australia is Airtasker. Learn more about Airtasker and other “Project Bidding” services.

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