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Use LinkedIn to promote yourself

LinkedIn is a serious place for you to promote your skills, be it in administration, bookkeeping or any other work-from-home or contract/consulting area. It is also a great way to promote your services as a virtual assistant.

Members of our team were fortunate enough to attend a recent social media club event in Sydney at which the managing director of LinkedIn went to great lengths to explain just how deep the company wants to go into the recruitment and talent market. Upon visiting various parts of the LinkedIn website, we’ve found some links that might further encourage you to recognise the importance of LinkedIn in your employment or business-building journey.

For instance, LinkedIn has a page for Talent departments as well as case studies for companies that have used their services. Employers can also place recruitment advertisements within the site to clearly target the right job applicants.

If you are looking for opportunities to work from home and operate your own business as an independent contractor see how we can help you run your own business. If you take up one of these virtual assistant business opportunities we’ll help you create a LinkedIn profile that could bring prospective customers to your door, plus we’ll teach you how to use Networking, referral marketing and simple sales techniques to start your own business and build it successfully.

We found a great article written by Susan Heathfield  about how LinkedIn is being used as a recruitment tool  for HR teams within many businesses. Don’t be left out!

If you’d like some help creating and effectively using LinkedIn as your online profile to increase sales give us a call.