Cheap WordPress plugins and integrations can help you build a highly sellable digital asset

These days it is relatively easy to create advanced website functionality without the need for customised programming, using cheap hosting and free or inexpensive plugins.

What Are Plugins?

WordPress is a free, open source, website creation platform that works with thousands of partners who provide plugins and integrations that extend the functionality of the platform. Much like how Xero Accounting Software connects with hundreds of other “integrations” to add increased functionality.

Plugins are created by software publishers of varying sizes from one man operations to multi-million dollar established software businesses.

Some commonly used WordPress plugins include:

  • Bookings – this enables businesses to take online bookings, reservations and appointments via their website.
  • Contact Form – an online form which allows customers or prospects to submit an online enquiry, and for the business to capture that person’s contact information.
  • MailChimp – Great Digital Marketing plugin that enables integration with the customer mailing list so that visitors can subscribe via the website or even be added by entering their details in the bookings or contact form plugins mentioned above.
  • Really Simple SSL – automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over HTTPS (secure protocol).

Discount Voucher Plugin and Features

Voucher or coupon plugins provide visitors with a special discount code that they can apply to a product or service at checkout. For example, when a customer adds the Payroll training course to their online shopping cart they can click on the ‘Apply Coupon’ button to get the discount with the Promo Code at our Online Training Course Catalogue website.

To have the ability to offer discount coupons at your own website it’s very easy with a plugin. Just navigate to Add New Coupon code, select Coupons and then Add New Coupon from the WordPress menu.

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Coupon shortcodes make it easy for you to insert a coupon into a web page without the necessity for complicated programming. Simply copy the shortcode from the Edit Coupon page and paste it into the body of your designated web page.

Our Discount coupons for Xero, MYOB, Microsoft Excel and Digital Marketing Courses use WordPress and Plugins to work

How to Find a Plugin and Implement it

  1. On the WordPress menu go to Plugins (as shown above) and select Add New.
  2. Search for the type of plugin based on the feature or functionality you require. e.g. ‘job board’ 

3. Compare the thumbnail information for each plugin, including number of downloads, star rating and compatibility with your version of WordPress.
4. Click on a plugin to see more detail including features, add-ons and customer reviews.
5. In Marketplace, click ‘Install Now’ to install the plugin on your WordPress site, then click the ‘Activate’ button.

How Plugins Help People Run an Online Business

It is possible to use WordPress websites and premium plugins to run an online business. The Clipacode website was created using these cheap WordPress tools and was recently listed for sale at US $50,000.


The site collects discount vouchers (coupon codes) from different vendors with a variety of different offers. By promoting these brands they attract visitors to their website and earn a commission when somebody uses a link or coupon to make a purchase.

The website was created using cheap WordPress plugins and is now for sale at US $50,000.

Business Value:

When we visited the business listing on Flippa, we were able to find out about:

  • the buyer
  • the sale price
  • monthly income
  • website traffic
  • financial performance
  • digital assets

Clipacode claims that the site is earning $800 – $1500 per month in passive income.

When you consider the low operational costs, it’s easy to see how building a website with a few cheap plugins could be an attractive money making opportunity. 

  • Domain Name – $10-20 per year
  • Website Hosting – from $5 per month
  • Plugin – $30 per year

All you need is a little time to research your offering, create your website in WordPress and administer your site to keep it up to date.

No Successful Online Business is Really Passive But They Are Flexible

Although many people want to buy something to earn a “passive income” the reality is that everything takes a little bit of work. In fact the more you work at it the more successful it usually becomes.

What online businesses offer is a flexible way to work where you can use technology and the Internet to choose your own hours or find international workers to help you run the business (at a lower cost).

WordPress Plugins, Feature Needs Analysis & Online Businesses

In this course you’ll learn about plugins that are available for free as well as premium plugins which cost money. You’ll see a typical needs analysis that comes from a client and understand the process you need to go through to find the most appropriate plugin for the features that business wants, understanding that their initial needs analysis might alter depending on which plugins suit the business for their first version of the installation.

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