Do you recognise a sales lead when you see one?

Generate your own leads as a virtual assistant, remote worker and teleworking bookkeeperSales leads are those opportunities that magically appear all of the time around you that ‘lead’ to a sale. An important aspect of being in business is to always be aware of these opportunities but many people miss these signs altogether because they are too focussed on themselves!

To understand these opportunities you need to be looking out for other peoples needs and if you can help them, then that is what working is all about. Remember, you may not benefit by helping them out the first time, but you would have helped two people – the person you’re talking to and the person who you referred them to. It’s then up to the good nature of the human race that you will later be rewarded.

The good leads or the bad leads

Many people will say to you that the “customer is always right” and that may have been the case in the past, but these days the quote should be more:

The customer is right if they are the right customer.

If this seems confusing what it really means is that you, as an independent contractor need to choose what type of client/customer you want first. Do you want lots of little customers that you do lots of little things for or do you want a handful of larger clients that fill your weeks. Once you know the type of customer you want then you’ll know which ones to turn away and which ones to accept. It actually gives YOU the power in the conversation because you actually do have the power – it’s just that many people, particularly those starting out, don’t want to turn any new potential clients away.

Where do sales leads originate?

Sales leads can be driven by being discovered as a result of content marketing or it can be the result of personal relationships and people who know you and what you do. Sometimes they’re generated by advertising but more and more these days (the social days) they are driven by who you know.

Remember that all you really have to do is show an interest in the person you next speak with at a networking event, dinner, function, or even just catching up with friends. As them about what they do and come up with questions to show that you are actually interested. When you ask them what they are struggling with next you will have found a lead opportunity – and it most likely won’t be for you but remember “what goes around comes around”.

Will we help with the sales leads?

You bet we will. We use Content Marketing via out blog, social media, our business joint ventures and online directories as just some of the ways to help our members generate leads. More importantly we work with our members to help them develop their own leads.

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