CV and resume

There are subtle differences between a CV and a resume

When it comes to a CV or a resume, many jobseekers think “What’s the difference?” In Australia, most employers would say there is little difference between a resume and CV, and in fact, the terms are used interchangeably. More often than not, you’ll probably be asked to provide a CV before a job interview.

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae (or ‘course of life’ in Latin). It’s commonly agreed that the main difference between a resume and a CV is that a CV may be more detailed and lengthy, whereas a resume is shorter and often tailored to a particular purpose or job role.

Resume vs CV

Your CV will outline your full working history in chronological order (starting from most recent and, as a rule, not going back more than 10 years) and will include your education and/or academic qualifications and achievements (such as any publications, research experience, presentations, awards etc). It’s generally a static document. A resume is more of a summary of your job experience and whatever info may be relevant to the job you’re applying for. It’s more custom made and is normally no more than one or two pages.

A compelling resume will feature the following four standard sections: Objective, Summary, Work History and Education. There should be enough information in the resume to sell the applicant, but no more. The general length is one to two pages.

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In today’s global job market you’ll find that some countries use CV whereas others use resume. For instance, in New Zealand, Ireland and the UK, employers ask for CVs while US and Canadian bosses want you to provide them with a resume. In summary, it’s best to have a CV always prepared if hunting for work.

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Once you have this, it only needs to be updated when you experience a major life event, like achieving a new qualification or some other accomplishment that is worthy of mention. Should you be asked specifically to provide a resume, it’s only a matter of then editing the content — rearranging it, deleting it, adding here and there — to create a document that is tailor made to what you think an employer will be interested in and what’s relevant for that job.

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Better still you’re better off to get some word processing skills using Microsoft Word and data entry skills using Microsoft Excel because these programs are used in every business. If you’re looking for accounting jobs you’ll find these courses in MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks very handy.

Digital Resumes, Social Media Profiles and Websites

If you are looking for a job or want to start your own business as a virtual assistant you may also be interested to see how you can use LinkedIn as your online resume and profile. Many independent contractors (or micro businesses) who have good computer skills will use their website as their resume – it’s available all the time, it is very visual and can include a video of the person, and it shows clearly what they’ve done (testimonials from clients) as well as the type of work they do (services pages).

Real estate agents are a clear demonstration of a profession where the resume is often available via their LinkedIn profile or website and one of the biggest reasons to create a digital profile is because you can be discovered by search engines like Google. Read about our guide on becoming a Social Media Marketing Consultant to see how they help real estate agents get discovered but more importantly stand out from their competitors.

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The Purpose of a Cover Letter

When applying for jobs through a job site like SEEK you get the change to create or upload a Cover Letter with each application and this is often a better way of letting employers know which parts of your resume to focus on.

Learn more about tips for writing a great cover letter

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